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Time may appear to be a flat circle, but the calendar says it’s January, which means we get shoddy, dumping-ground dreck like “Redemption Day.”

This would-be action thriller features clumsy action and no genuine thrills. The feature debut of Hicham Hajji, director, and co-writer, boasts a strong cast but then casts these actors in weakly conceived parts. The speech is clumsy, the tempo is slow, and the production quality is inconsistent and often absurdly low.

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Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of all is the simplistic and backward portrayal of Islamic terrorists in the film’s kidnapping plan by Morocco native Hajji. Their villainy is cartoonish, and their behavior and demands are extremely basic. One would think Hajji would be interested in presenting a more nuanced portrayal of the region’s complexities; instead, he and co-screenwriters Sam Chouia and Lemore Syvan offer some off-the-cuff title cards about the importance of oil, as well as a few cursory conversations between opportunistic American diplomats.

Redemption Day Quiz

A beautiful American woman is being held hostage for a $10 million ransom. Only her tough husband, a distinguished US Marine captain, can save her—but only if he confronts his regrets and traumas. In place of true drama, it’s a clichéd notion conveyed in uninspired form, with bland, overlong tracking shots and an increasingly pushy tune. Also, you must try to play this Redemption Day Quiz.

The appearance of Gary Dourdan as Brad Paxton is the one thing that makes “Redemption Day” watchable on any level. The long-running “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” actor receives a rare lead part, but his captivating screen demeanor is tragically in the service of a barely-there character. He broods and flaunts his brawn, giving the impression that he’s trying to endow the performance with depth that simply isn’t there on the page. This is his take on a late-career Liam Neeson action film—or it would be if it was any good.

But we know Brad is tortured because of a lengthy flashback at the beginning of the film. A mission to protect medical supplies being transported across the Syrian desert is attacked and goes tragically wrong. The memory of the ambush haunts him and wakes him up in the middle of the night, and the comfort of his loving wife, Kate (Serinda Swan), is insufficient. Boxing sessions and tough-love talks with his father, played by an underutilized Ernie Hudson, don’t help either.

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But then Kate, an archaeologist, travels from New York to Morocco to examine the discovery of a subterranean city—and is kidnapped just minutes after arriving at the dig site, allegedly for inadvertently crossing into Algeria. (For starters, she’s stuck with inane platitudes like “Thank you so much for the hospitality.”)

When Brad learns that his wife has been kidnapped, he leaps into action, giving him the chance to redeem the film’s title… maybe? As in, he couldn’t save one of his fellow Marines, but he can save his wife, so that will put him to sleep? The reasoning is hazy, but that’s all we’re supposed to cling to as “Redemption Day” fumbles toward its climactic end.

We’re treated to countless drone shots of vehicle caravans and multiple shootouts, one of which is staged and filmed in such a stupid way that it appears as though the character stumbled and fell rather than getting a gunshot to the head. We also see shadowy people conspiring, including Andy Garcia as the cigar-chomping US ambassador to Morocco, Martin Donovan as another dishonest diplomat, and an unknown character who is best described as Colonel Sanders as deus ex machina. (Literally, the dude wears a white suit, has a goatee, a walking stick, and speaks with a ridiculously thick Southern accent.) It’s as if he walked into the wrong movie after a few too many mint juleps on the porch.)

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