Which Venom Character Are You?


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The quiz is safe to play, however, the post contains spoilers from Venom: Let There Be Carnage so beware before continuing reading.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is several things: a blockbuster comic-book sequel, a comedy about mismatched friends, and an opportunity for some delightfully self-aware overacting. But, beneath the funny jokes, gnashing fangs, and gobs of slime, it’s something totally different: a love tale. Not between Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams as the one who got away, or even between Woody Harrelson’s wicked Carnage and Naomie Harris’ misunderstood mutant Shriek, but rather between Eddie and the gigantic symbiote Venom, who lives within him.

They may believe they have reached an uneasy truce after the release of the original “Venom” in 2018. They may become irritated with one other and dispute over who is truly in charge. But, shockingly, they soon exhibit a true, emotional connection as they share the understanding that they’re actually better together.

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This does not constitute a spoiler! Hardy and director Andy Serkis sent out video messages before a recent screening, warning us not to reveal any delicious details (which, come on, Sony, we as journalists wouldn’t do anyway). You must, however, remain through the credits because some truly mind-blowing things occur that you will not want to miss.

Which Venom Character Are You?

Given that we’re talking about a film in which a preening alien dwells within an intrepid reporter, squabbling and bantering with him in the growl of a malevolent Cookie Monster, it may seem absurd to consider concepts like vulnerability and tenderness (also Hardy, having a ball). Sure, Venom is often complaining about how he doesn’t get to get out and devour humans enough, and that a diet of chickens and chocolate is insufficient. He’s frequently the voice of Eddie’s concerns and insecurities (“Just leave me alone, you’re always nitpicking!” Eddie grumbles), but he’s also Eddie’s biggest supporter, encouraging him to reconcile with Williams’ Anne, who’s now engaged to the considerably more acceptable Dr. Dan Lewis (Reid Scott). He is the enlarged version of the little voice inside each of us. Also, you must try to play this Which Venom Character Are You quiz.

However, the first film’s strength was silliness, something everyone involved appears to have recognized and leaned heavily on for the sequel. Carnage literally yells, “Let… there… be… Carnage!” at which point spectators all over the world must take a drink. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is quick and breezy under filmmaker Serkis, who takes over for Ruben Fleischer. It’s not about the end of the world, as is so frequently the case in comic-book extravaganzas, and it’s only sort of about one man’s battle with his own physical and figurative demons. Hardy, in addition to offering a gung-ho physical performance, co-wrote the screenplay with returning screenwriter Kelly Marcel, who, by the way, was clever enough to mine “Fifty Shades of Grey” for its inherent, ludicrous humor. While the bondage gear may appear fitting in this context, “Venom” presents a whole different type of intricate, intimate interaction.

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This time, Eddie has a chance to reclaim his throne in San Francisco journalism (what a quaint notion, that people still read newspapers and follow specific reporters) by securing an interview with convicted killer Cletus Kasady (a scenery-chewing Harrelson), who is about to be executed at San Quentin State Prison. However, because Eddie’s reporting resulted in Cletus’ deadly injection, a physical conflict between the two men happens, resulting in some bloodshed and the transfer of a few drops of symbiote material. As if we needed another reason to keep our distance of six feet. Also, you will find out which Venom character are you in this quiz.

Cletus’ metamorphosis into Carnage—a larger, fiercer, and more militarized version of Venom—is a cacophony of sound and fury. It’s also the first indication that the action in this sequel won’t be nearly as entertaining as the comedy. But, owing to the skill of Robert Richardson, a three-time Oscar winner, and Martin Scorsese’s regular cinematographer (“Casino,” “The Aviator,” “Shine a Light”), you can actually see what’s going on more clearly than you could in the original film. The first “Venom” also contained the work of a true artist in Matthew Libatique, but so many of those massive set pieces took place at night that it was frequently difficult to determine who was doing what to whom. It’s still a little fuzzy here, especially during a nocturnal brawl outside a disturbed children’s school, but the action is vibrant. (Richardson is also a fun pick, given Scorsese’s scandalous remarks regarding whether Marvel movies constitute film.) (At least, that’s what the director of photography thinks.)

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