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Take this The Bubble Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

In March 2020, “Jurassic World Dominion,” which was well into production, was forced to halt production—along with every other project in Hollywood and elsewhere—in response to the Covid pandemic. The controversial decision to resume filming at Britain’s Pinewood Studios in July, months before other films and television shows, was made. Because, of course, there was no vaccine, draconian Covid protocols were strictly enforced. There were medical facilities on standby. The entire cast and crew were quarantined for two weeks in a hotel reserved exclusively for them. Every few feet, there were hand sanitizer stations. There was a lot of discussion about all of this at the time. Was it right to put actors and crew in such danger for the sake of a film? The decision to resume filming was motivated by pragmatic (i.e. cynical) considerations. There was far too much money on the table.

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“The Bubble,” directed by Judd Apatow and shot at Shepperton Studios, satirizes the entire well-known event in a lighthearted manner. “The Bubble,” which is structured in loosely connected episodes (where entire subplots could be removed without affecting the overall plot), is often quite funny, but at a little more than two hours long, there are sections where it drags or flounders. With this type of material, faster (and shorter) is usually funnier. Also, you must try to play this The Bubble quiz.

The Bubble Quiz

The cast and crew gather in England for the sixth installment of the “Cliff Beasts” franchise, a worldwide phenomenon about a group of scientists and researchers going toe-to-toe with flying dinosaurs dislodged from a polar ice cap or something. This new installment’s director is Darren (Fred Armisen), who “won Sundance” for a film he shot on his phone about his experience working at Home Depot (a very funny critique: from indie film to superhero movie in a matter of months). The characters are thrown at us in quick sketches as the actors arrive at the massive Downton-Abbey-style mansion where they will be quarantined. Carol (Karen Gillan) despises the franchise and is constantly trying to get out of it. Also, you will find out which The Bubble character are you in this quiz.

Dustin (David Duchovny) and Lauren (Leslie Mann) are a long-married couple who are about to divorce. Dustin has rewritten the script to emphasize the dangers of climate change, but no one wants to hear it. Sean (Keegan-Michael Key) has spent his vacation time developing a “lifestyle brand” called Harmony Ignite, and he bores everyone with toxic positivity. Howie (Guz Khan) goes stir-crazy almost immediately, attempting to organize a marijuana drone delivery, and Krystal Kris (Iris Apatow) is a TikTok star who has never acted before, and she ropes in cast and crew to do elaborate dance videos all over the mansion. The cast includes Pedro Pascal, Kate McKinnon, comedy duo Ben Ashenden and Alexander Owen, and others.

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Apatow and co-writer Pam Brady keep it loose enough to allow for improvisation and silliness, and these are the standout scenes. Guz Khan’s every remark is hilarious. To paraphrase John Keats, Duchovny doing TikTok dance choreography is “a thing of beauty and a joy forever.” Mann and Duchovny’s scenes together are fantastic, leaving you wanting more. Gillan is frazzled from start to finish, conveying a convincing sense of desperation. It’s genuine chaos and a lot of fun when all of these characters are onscreen at the same time. The whole filming thing doesn’t go over so well. We see entire scenes from “Cliff Beasts” being rehearsed and then filmed, and the film looks terrible in an unbelievable way, almost like a “Waiting for Guffman”-style “Jurassic Park.” None of it is as funny as it could be, and there isn’t enough emphasis on Darren, the “visionary” director out for a quick buck in a soulless job.

A couple of romantic subplots don’t really go anywhere or connect to anything else. There’s a lot about the murderous security team hired to keep the actors on-site, and those sections aren’t particularly effective. They are clumsy and appear to be imposed.

The film’s best moments are when the talented and funny cast members goof off with each other, responding to one another’s eccentricities. Carol declares, “This isn’t me acting!” after an impassioned monologue about the abusive conditions under which they are filming. Dustin states, “We are aware. That felt genuine.” Where “The Bubble” really shines is in its amusing depiction of that all-too-rare thing these days: a shared experience. There’s a scene where the crew is shown washing vegetables and spraying Lysol on soda bottles, and most people can probably look back on 2020 and hashtag-feel-seen. Apatow’s satire of his own industry’s arrogance—”we must get back to work because humanity needs us!”—is also spot on. Humanity requires many things, but “Cliff Beasts 6” is probably near the bottom of the list.

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