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Take this The Adam Project Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Adam, a fighter pilot, is being pursued by futuristic space ships in 2050. After being injured, he desperately opens a wormhole and travels back in time to 2022.

During this time, a younger Adam (Walker Scobell) is still coming to terms with the death of his father, Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo), in an accident a year ago. He continues to be a jerk to his mother, Ellie Reed (Jennifer Garner).

He comes across the wounded Adam and realizes, after some concern, that he is the same; an older version of him.

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Old Adam informs him that in order to protect himself, he had to flee his own timeline. Laura (Zoe Saldana), his wife, was last seen returning in 2018 and hasn’t been seen since.

His original intention was to travel back in time to 2018, but he instead landed in 2022. He shows young Adam his spaceship, which Old Adam cannot activate with DNA matching due to his injury, but young Adam can.

Old Adam informs him that he must travel to 2018 before their father’s former business partner, Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener), discovers him. Also, you must try to play this The Adam Project Quiz.

The Adam Project Quiz

He reveals that Sorian has complete control over time in his timeline. She and Louis invented time travel, and after his death, she became the sole owner.

They are attacked by Sorian and her henchmen, but Laura saves them just in time. They devise a strategy while being pursued.

Laura will remain in the background to distract Sorian, while the two Adams can travel back in time to 2018 and change whatever happened.

Sorian tracks down Laura and murders her. She is hot on the Adams’ tail, but they are able to travel back in time.

If you’re unsure about the ending, here’s a detailed explanation.

The Adam Project’s conclusion is explained in detail:


In 2018, Louis is enrolled in a class. The old Adam appears as a student, and Louis recognizes him as his own son after class.

He even meets the young Adam, and while he is taken aback at first, he is briefed on the situation in the future and how Sorian returned to the past to advise the younger version of herself on purchasing the right shares, making her unstoppable in the future.

The young Adam is overjoyed at the prospect of seeing his father again, whereas the old Adam appears dissatisfied and believes that Louis did not give them enough time as children.

Louis, fully aware of the consequences of interfering with the future, informs them that he will not be a part of their plan and that they must return to their respective timelines.

He returns home, clearly moved by the words of the old Adam, to ask his wife if he has been a bad father and husband.

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She responds that just because he isn’t present all of the time doesn’t make him a bad person. It’s enough for them that whenever he’s available, he’s completely present.

Young Adam also confronts Old Adam, claiming that he suppressed his feelings for his father because he died. He had forgotten how, no matter how tired he was, Louis was always completely present when he played catch with Adam.

Keep the timeline safe.

The two Adams travel to the base where Louis and Maya are experimenting with the magnetic reactor known as ‘The Adam Project,’ which leads to the invention of time travel.

While the older Adam tries to break in, the younger Adam defends him with a futuristic gaming-style weapon.

Louis arrives just as the old Adam is about to be executed and saves him by crashing his car into the assailant.

To stop the machine, Louis and Adam go inside and remove the hard drive. The young and old Sorian, on the other hand, arrives with the young Adam as a hostage.

To make matters worse, one of the bullets shatters the reactor’s glass, causing it to malfunction.

Just as the old Sorian is about to shoot Louis, it is sucked toward the magnetic reactor and, with the young Sorian in its path, kills her instead, effectively ending both versions of her.

Louis tells the two Adams that he knew the bullet’s core was metallic and that it sometimes pays to be the nerd. The three make it out of the building safely.

A new horizon

Louis tells both of his children that he loves them no matter what and that he never meant to upset them.

With the future set in stone, the two Adams could vanish at any time. Before that happens, the three of them go to the house and play catch one last time. The two have vanished by the time Louis picks up the ball after a loose throw.

Despite the fact that the timeline has been corrected, the two Adams continue to show signs of subconsciously remembering their adventure.

The young Adam recalls hugging his mother, whom the old Adam told him was also in pain and that he should appreciate her more.

In the end, the old Adam and Laura meet in a class, just as they did before, and Adam tells her he “found her,” just as he promised back in 2022 before they split up.

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