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Take this Stay Close Tv Series Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Megan Pierce (Cush Jumbo) lives in harmony with her three children, Jordan, Laura, and Kayleigh, as well as her soon-to-be husband, Dave Shaw. He is the children’s father and has been living in Livingstone, England, with Megan for 17 years. Megan arrives home from hen night one day to find a blank greeting card on the porch with Megan’s former name, Cassie, scrawled on the envelope. Lorraine Griggs, Megan’s former boss, pays her a visit soon after. They reminisce about Megan’s previous life as Cassie when she worked at the Viper nightclub.

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Stewart Green, who was enamored with Cassie at the time, used to physically assault her. Cassie discovered Stewart’s lifeless body in the woods on a horrific Carnival night and decided to flee. She buried her history, reinvented herself, and resolved never to look back. However, at this moment, Lorraine informs Megan that Stewart is still alive and well and is hunting for her. Megan panics and looks for Stewart to safeguard her new identity. Also, you must try to play this Stay Close Tv Series Quiz.

Stay Close Tv Series Quiz

Meanwhile, DS Michael Broome and DC Erin Cartwright are assigned to the case of a missing person, 20-year-old wealthy Carlton Flynn. Broome learns from Carlton’s father, Del Flynn, that Carlton attended the Carnival at Viper’s on April 16th and vanished the same night. Surprisingly, it is the exact date that Stewart Green vanished from the Viper 17 years ago. Broome looks for a pattern in the accounts of these two missing people and suspects that these disappearances are the work of a serial killer.

Stay Close continues the inquiry of Carlton Flynn and his link to Stewart Green. Will Broome be successful in solving the case? Will Megan be able to save her marriage to Dave? Let’s look into it more.

Megan discovered a message in her make-up room left by Ray Levine, Megan’s lover from a previous life, on the night of the Carnival seventeen years ago. Lorraine Griggs, who stabbed Stewart Green in the woods and wished to alleviate Megan of her misery, wrote the note.

Megan panicked when she discovered Stewart Green’s lifeless body in the ruins, drenched in blood. She assumed that because she was the only one who had issues with Green, authorities would arrest her for murder. Megan stole Green’s concealed money from his safe after his death in order to flee town and start a new life. She even left some of it for his wife, Sarah Green, who discovered hard currency in a yellow briefcase that had been left at the log shop. Sarah stashed the money and briefcase behind a closed door in the basement. Broome, Megan, and Harry had long assumed that Sarah was keeping Stewart Green in the basement.

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A bald man followed Megan around the whole Stay Close series. The story attempted to dupe the audience into believing Green was still alive. This bald man, however, was later discovered to be Rudy, the owner of Viper nightclub. Rudy, like many others, felt Megan had fled with Green and taken the money he had stolen. When Rudy discovered Green was missing, he believed Megan had taken the money and pursued her to grab his cut.

Despite the fact that Lorraine murdered Green, Ray was the one who disposed of his body. Ray followed Megan into the ruins on the night of the murder and discovered Green’s body. Ray transported Megan’s body to an isolated place in order to protect her. He loaded it down with stones and dumped it into a pond so the cops couldn’t discover it. Ray attempted to call Megan after disposing of Green’s body, but she vanished into thin air. While everyone thought Megan had run off with Green, only Ray understood the truth and hence never gave up his search for Megan. Ray felt Megan would never leave him alone till the very end, yet she did.

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