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Do you have what it take to beat this Star Trek quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 85% of the fans.

Since then, the company has created a succession that has gone into darker areas and a further series into lighter areas. There’s also a fourth and the second film in progress.

Over the decades since its inception, Roddenberry has brought together a variety of different filmmakers and TV executives. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

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Gene Roddenberry back in the 90s made this beautiful movie about the far future and he might not be far from the truth. That is something that we will never know, but maybe some of our grandchildren will be there. His goal was to create a show that was fantastic, speculative, and far-off, yet that would be necessary to solve today’s problems.

Over the last few years, Benedict Cumberbatch has played a variety of prominent roles. He became a major star in the modern version of Sherlock Holmes and later became Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise. The Internet speculators turned out to be right. How does John Harrison prove to be a classical villain?

The first segment of the Star Trek franchise’s first rebooting film is mainly a kind of intergalactic animal shop, as James T. Kirk takes on a classical college boy, but he learns how to fly a huge starship and run a full team in a distant future. Try this Star Trek quiz to test your knowledge. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

Star Trek Quiz

He’s becoming close mates, and he’s having fun and enthusiastic nickname for his future captain, James T. Kirk.

James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise, is performed by Wonder Woman, who played the best-received film in the reboot film series of a man who was a male love interest character in the DC Extended Universe. In the movie Shadow Recruit, he also played Jack Ryan and appeared in The Middle War in front of Tom Hardy.

This has provided a great landscape of time for TV shows and films, where studios and producers have been able to create as many stories as possible in this universe. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

The Star Trek Media Franchise reboot movie trilogy is working on a completely different timeline than the original TV show. One of the old television actors appears as an earlier version of his character halfway through the film, giving or taking. In the first movie, which of the original TV cast members appeared?

In the world of blockbusters of science fiction, this actress makes her name. She gazed at James Cameron’s Avatar, the highest innovative film of all time. Then she played Gamora in the films Guardians of the Galaxy and its successors and Avengers: Infinity War in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the Star Trek is rebooting, not to mention. Who plays the Uhura movie trilogy at Star Trek?

Kirk and Spock are brought together by the destruction of the planet Vulcan in the first film. This was, of course, the beginning of a lovely relationship that lasted for three or four films. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

Beat the other fans by scoring more than 85%?

The director of Star Trek said he is more of a Star Wars person. But they didn’t make Star Wars movies in 2009 and rebooted the Star Trek franchise.

In the video game movie Hitman: Agent 47 the actor who plays Spock’s role in the Star Trek franchise. Oliver Stone, along with Joseph Gordon Levitt, has also been directed in the film Snowden. He’s also starring in the new Artemis dystopian thriller.

Star Trek is one of the main features of Star Wars’ close relative, Star Trek is set in our world. There are also scenes in movies on Earth. Star Wars is far, far away in a galaxy. There are some of the same cities we have in Star Trek today. You must try to play this quiz.

The Federation’s intergalactic organization is the target of the villain in Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the reboot series. The villain has a personal blood feud against the Federation. His whole evil plot has been hatched with the intention of bringing it down. The Federation is just a shortened way to refer to the organization. But it has a longer name that has been around since the beginning of Star Trek.

The guy who plays Scotty in Star Trek’s film trilogy also played Star Trek After. For the first time, he didn’t write a script for a movie.

What should you expect from this Star Trek quiz

Since the very beginning of the Star Trek franchise, the USAS Corporation has been a pillar. In one of the reboot movies, a bunch of tiny aliens is killed, tearing it down. In which movie is the USS Enterprise destroyed in the Star Trek movie trilogy?

Some of the reviewers got the villain in Star Trek Beyond well, and some didn’t. A star of his television shows, such as The English Cop Drama Luther and The Wire, in which he played the role of stringer Bell, made him a famous actor. The actor who played The Wire for him. He’s in Jungle’s latest novel. Who’s playing the 3rd and final reboot trilogy movie in Star Trek Beyond? But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

The Star Trek franchise typically brings film audiences (and TV viewers) to exotic new worlds. But often they take us to a futuristic version of the future, with the same cities as they do today, but with additional technology. The second movie Star Trek Darkness has a setting that is in the US and we can see a lot of things that are new to our imagination. What city was in dispute with the USS Revenge at the end of Star Trek?

It was confirmed that the deceased father of James T. Kirk would come back. Kirk’s father’s absence was a key storyline to Star Trek Beyond. He became a major star in 2009 thanks to Thor’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series. Who’s the dad of James T. Kirk?

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