Quiz: Which Breaking Bad Character Are You?


In this Breaking Bad character quiz, we will guess which character is most similar to you. Are you more like Jessie or Walter, find out here.

Breaking Bad Character quiz is a 30-question test that will examine your personality traits and habits and will match you with the most related character. If you play our Which Breaking Bad Character Are You quiz, you can get one of the Walter, Jesse, Saul, Hector, Skyler, Gus, or others. This Breaking Bad quiz is 100% accurate and you will find your perfect match.

There was a distinct contrast between Jesse Pinkman and Walter White and it wasn’t just because White led a double life in the suburbs as a family man. Maturity comes with age and Jesse was still not like Walter White the expert chemist. It was Walter White who gave up the method of dissolving the body in hydrofluoric acid when Jesse wanted help disposing of a dead body. Yet he did not exactly follow the directions and ended up making the chemical eat its way through a bath, floors, and ceilings.

Even if they used a stronger approach, Mythbusters came to the conclusion that the way the show was presented could not possibly happen. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

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It shouldn’t be shocking that in a series about a drug operation as in Breaking Bad, there will be an assassin character. There will certainly be some rough characters in the turbulent world of methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution who require more than just a stern talking to.

Yet this was not exactly the traditional “muscle” guy you would expect. Although for Gus he was the right-hand guy, he seemed more like a free agent of sorts. He worked with Saul Goodman and for Jesse Pinkman he also served as a mentor somewhat. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

Obviously, in the movie, this character soon became a favorite and even joined the spin-off movie, Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad character quiz

Gus Fring didn’t look anything like the traditional drug lord. But that was part of his clever mask to hide insight. He was also a donor to local police organizations. He was the ultimate symbol of integrity and a pillar of the community. Yet it became very clear that Fring was one of the show’s most aggressive characters and was certainly not a guy to cross. Although he began as an enigmatic character who could easily have been either an ally or an enemy of White and Pinkman, it became obvious where the true line was drawn from. Although Gus Fring owned numerous real estate properties, his organization had a main front.

Breaking Bad has 5 season and you check all of the on IMDb.

When Walter White was first introduced into the series, his financial condition seemed normal. He wasn’t making the kind of money as a teacher that would allow his family to be fully happy. Although the cancer diagnosis finally gave him a whole new understanding. It also placed an additional financial burden on him. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Which character are you?

As Walter White and Jesse Pinkman began to venture into the world of drugs. It was likely they would meet some shady characters. Just as their drug dealer couldn’t be worse than Krazy-8, a new character was introduced. This Mexican drug kingpin and the way he handled his company had more than just a power complex. He was using the meth he was dealing with. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

When Tuco Salamanca was first introduced into the Breaking Bad series. It quickly became obvious that he wasn’t going to be exactly the most rational guy to deal with. He constantly informed White and Pinkman that he was in the realm of psychotic irrational behavior. Tuco beat his own guy in one encounter and wasn’t against killing without provocation. You must try to play this quiz.

Hector was dependent on the bell but was still able to warn Tuco. Tuco wasn’t the only member of the Salamanca family who had psychotic tendencies because Hector’s nephews were Leonel and Marco. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

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Breaking Bad character quiz
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