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Do you have what it takes to beat this Dwayne Johnson quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 85% of the fans.

The Dwayne Rock Johnson. What else could we possibly say about him? He has been one of the most popular actors in the world … A soldier, too. This is a wrestler. Luckily … We forgot, the most famous tooth fairies out there are far and wide … And there’s Disney too! And there’s Disney too! Over the years, the Scorpio King, the Hercules, the Hobbs, and a number of other people have played a variety of roles in this guy. He is also really active in social media and has accumulated over the years. The main question is, what is the truth of his fans? Why don’t we explore together?

True fans of The Rock will face three major challenges in this contest. The first is to match The Rock’s quote with the movie it came from. Some of these are very simple, some of them are more difficult to alert! In the second, the character has to suit the film. Some are well known, some are much harder to find. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

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His child-faced Zac Efron is, of course, his sidekick. This film was amusing between its magnificent actors and its funny line of drama from the moment we first saw that Dwayne ran into a stunning, slow-moving fireworks finale. What’s the movie? But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

Dwayne Johnson Quiz

Skyscraper is one of the movies that the rock played a crucial role in. He was all over the theaters in 2018 and it was in every way deserved. In this particular case, Dwayne plays in Hong Kong with a man with only one leg, who battles to save his family. Such a film summary however resembles the plot lines of many of Dwayne Johnson’s films.

So, Dwayne Johnson could have been the best pick for casting this role as he is big and has big muscles and a good look.

It’s hard not to enjoy a movie with giant animals and/or monsters. King Kong was back in the day, and more recently, we had Godzilla and Pacific Rim.

In this film, he plays a muscleman hired by Mark Wahlberg to take part in an extortion scheme. Rather than anything else, this film focuses on the crime that men commit and the ensuing thriller that happens when the man they extort goes to the authorities. Can you guess the movie in this Dwayne Johnson quiz?

Dwayne Johnson reveals a fictional character in Hercules, which is larger than life. The individual he plays is trying to escape the dark past and is a mercenary. Then he’s got to cause the hero inside of himself and hit the adversity.

The Rock trivia quiz

In this film, Kevin plays a popular boy, while Dwayne is a character who was overweight in secondary school and played with other children. But Dwayne’s character has been a secret agent who has saved Hart’s life on many occasions. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Once again, Dwayne Johnson wows the public as a superstar in motion. If he jumps between the homes, beats the bad guys, or drives luxury cars, when it comes to action movies, the guy can’t make any mistakes. In this particular film, Johnson plays an ex-agent who has to figure out why one of his friends has turned to the world of evil. Apparently working with a bad man named Cipher, Johnson’s character must fight time to escape a nuclear war.

In the San Andreas film, Dwayne Johnson plays a brave search-and-rescue helicopter pilot living in California. He is very useful in the situation a huge earthquake breaks the ground in this magnificent state. They cause the buildings in major cities to be destroyed. We are going to play this Dwayne Johnson quiz today because it was a very well crafted quiz.

In the movie Moana, he plays a rather usual role for himself, because he was a mythical creature. Maybe it’s his quiet, rumbling voice, or maybe it’s his big eight-box. Either way, casting agents always return to it whether they have a god or a half-god to cast. Johnson portrays the god of Polynesia, singing and dancing around the ocean in this film. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

Beat the other fans by scoring more than 85%?

Dwayne Johnson is a little like an avatar in a Jumanji movie. A group of teenagers is sucked into a video game and forced into different businesses by a freak twist of fate. You must try to play this quiz.

Dwayne Johnson plays another hero in the Scorpion King, who relies on a day-saving party (a great surprise). A bad king is trying to impose his will on the nation, and so people pool their money and hire a skilled assassin to take out the King’s right-hand man. People of the country assume that his death will bring an end to the power of the King, a well-known sorcerer.

The Rock was still not the fame he was today when he agreed to co-start a socially incompetent spy in this 2008 comedy to escape a possible terrorist attack by a Russian agency. The lead agent in the film is Steve Carrell, while Agent Hathaway is working as Agent 99 to his partner. In the meantime, Johnson is a professional and stunning Agent 99, who is in almost every way imaginable, contrary to the character of Carrell. Alan Alda, Terry Crews, and David Koechner are also in the movie.

In The Game Plan, Dwayne Johnson portrays a football player who appears to have it all. He’s got money, he’s got a winning team, and he’s got every success that one might ask for. But life has a way of throwing a club at our best plan, and fate places a child at the door of Dwayne Johnson’s character. Dwayne’s character has to figure out how to cope with his daughter’s life. Born from a one-night stand with his ex-family.

What should you expect from this Dwayne Johnson quiz

One of the nerdier children at the party, Dwayne Johnson’s body, is very darn and happy. Together, children need to find a way to complete the game to get back to the real world. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

It was the first big break for The Rock in a few ways. In this series of films, he plays a character named Luke Hobbs. He’s a federal agent, a bounty hunter, and Dominic Toretto’s personal vendetta. His rivalry with Toretto and his crew eventually came to an end and became a friend and partner. In the next spinoff, he’s going to make his own movie like Deckard Shaw, along with Jason Statham.

Mr. Johnson is a very, very talented man, as we mentioned in the intro of this contest. He’s a talented actor and a professional. Yeah, it’s true, in Disney’s Moana animated film, The Rock itself sings and raps with a really funny musical number. While he does not have the best set of pipes in the business, he certainly does an impressive job and some strong songwriting by (among others) the founder of Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda.

The Rock stars Mitch Buchannon as a lifeguard reported in Baywatch last year. Since the film was based on the old TV series of the 1990s, The Rock was not the first person to play that character.

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