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Take this Restless Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Because internal security was inspecting the police station, Thomas (Franck Gastambide), a police officer, spoke on the phone to keep track of their every move. Meanwhile, his family awaited his final visit to his mother before the casket was sealed. He drove his car inattentively because he was preoccupied with both duties. When he saw a dog in the middle of the road, he tried to save it, but he lost control of his car for a few seconds in the process.

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As he got out of his car, he noticed a man lying unconscious on the road. He discovered that the man was not breathing after further examination. Thomas decided to cover up his error out of fear of being arrested. He carried the body and stored it in his car’s trunk. But he didn’t have luck on his side. The police stopped the car as he attempted to rush. The police officers became suspicious of Thomas because he lacked a license document and a police badge. They later discovered Thomas was a Lieutenant and allowed him to leave. After arriving at the morgue, Thomas realized he needed to dispose of the body and devise a plan. Also, you must try to play this Restless quiz.

Restless Quiz

Meanwhile, the security team was looking for corrupt cops and wanted to inspect the station. Thomas was known for his dishonesty, and his coworkers feared he would get into trouble. When Thomas was late, his colleagues took matters into their own hands. They broke open his locker and discovered his cash stacked inside. They flushed the money down the toilet after disposing of it in the restroom. Thomas later thanked them for their assistance at the time. However, Thomas had another issue to deal with: a dead body in his car trunk. “Restless” continues Thomas’ struggle to get rid of the dead body and overcome his guilt over killing an innocent person. Also, you will find out which Restless character are you in this quiz.

Thomas noticed the air conditioning vents and decided to use them to get rid of the body. He stuffed the body into the vent and attached it to his daughter’s remote-controlled toy. He stated that he wished to spend some time alone with his mother. He carried out his plan while he was alone in the room. It wasn’t, however, a smooth one.

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There were numerous blunders, ranging from the toy not working in a few instances to the toy occasionally making gun firing sounds. Despite his difficulties, he was able to remove the nails from the coffin and place the body next to his mother’s. He replaced the nails and cleaned up the room. Just as everything seemed to be in order, a dead-metal ringtone began to ring from within the coffin. Despite the fact that the situation was tense, the moment was hilarious. When the man in charge entered the room, the phone stopped ringing. Thomas could finally breathe a sigh of relief after his mother’s coffin was buried in the morning.

Unfortunately, just as he thought he had solved the problem, he began receiving phone calls from an unknown number. The voice on the other end was aware of Thomas’s crime and threatened him with his knowledge. He later discovered that the man in question was Marelli, the Head of the Narcotics Department (Simon Abkarian). Marelli had asked Thomas to bring him the body. Thomas became entangled in a larger conspiracy that he was unaware of. He was afraid of endangering his family, so he agreed to do whatever was asked of him.

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