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My friend used to joke that he would always end up sitting in front of people who had never seen a comedy before. You know those people who believe that every joke lands well enough to elicit a hearty guffaw. “Pieces of Her” on Netflix is a thriller that only works if you’ve never seen one before. It employs a slew of tropes that would have worked better on the pages of Karin Slaughter’s best-selling novel, but fall flat in this sluggish attempt at genre entertainment.

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Toni Collette never disappoints, but she’s stranded here by a script that doesn’t go far enough to elicit B-movie thrills and is structured in such a way that anything that feels realistic is drained. As a result, it’s yet another project mired in the abyss between camp and character, with far too little of either. Also, you must try to play this Pieces Of Her Quiz.

Pieces Of Her Quiz

“Pieces of Her” begins with the kind of jolt that makes people want to go out and buy a book to read on a beach vacation. Laura Oliver (Collette) and her daughter Andy (Bella Heathcote) are at a restaurant on what appears to be a normal day when a mass shooting occurs. Laura steps in to protect her daughter and demonstrates a surprisingly vicious protective nature, slicing the assassin’s jugular. It’s the kind of twist that makes headlines around the world—the mother who, through her bravery, prevented further loss of life. Laura does not want to be the center of attention.

Laura is on the news is bad for both her and Andy for reasons that will not be revealed. When violence returns to Laura’s life, this time at her front door, she sends her daughter away, but Andy refuses to go into hiding, still trying to figure out who this woman she’s been calling mom is. Instead, she begins delving into the clues left about Laura’s past, and “Pieces of Her” becomes a series of revealing flashbacks starring David Wenham as Laura’s brother and Terry O’Quinn as her father, who was publicly murdered in Oslo decades before.

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The “Pieces of Her” puzzle structure can be aggravating. This type of series of revelations and twists requires a more delicate balance than it appears. Something like HBO Max’s “The Tourist,” which premieres this week as well, keeps its revelations moving at a pace that benefits character and tension. Here, it feels as if the writers are constantly deceiving us, withholding details that would make these characters more interesting if we knew what was going on in their heads. There’s a fine line between thrilling us and keeping us in the dark for so long that we lose interest. “Pieces of Her” crosses that line, especially with how much information is revealed through flashbacks. We lose interest in the characters and their plights because we don’t understand why we should. It devolves into information dumps with an episodic structure rather than anything truly thrilling.

It’s a shame that this sluggish writing drags down the majority of the performers with it. Heathcote plays confusion for the majority of the series, which makes for a relatable protagonist on paper but a boring one on TV. Jessica Barden, who plays Laura in flashbacks, has been strangely directed by TV vet Minkie Spiro (a “Homeland” regular) to suppress most of her charming instincts and go only with sullen. Only Collette provides any sense of interiority. She’s an actress who can sell backstory with a glance or a shiver of memory in a way that many people can’t. She gives more of herself than the show around her knows what to do with.

The entire series has been screened for review. The film will be released in its entirety on Netflix on March 4th.

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