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Parenting with Authoritarianism
Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You believe that children should be seen rather than heard.
  • When it comes to rules, you believe that “my way or the highway” is the only way.
  • You are unconcerned about your child’s feelings.

If any of these statements apply to you, you may be an authoritarian parent. Authoritarian parents believe that their children must obey the rules without exception.

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When a child questions the reasoning behind a rule, authoritarian parents are famous for saying, “Because I said so.” They are not interested in bargaining and are solely concerned with obedience. Also, you must try to play this Parenting Style Quiz.

They also do not permit children to participate in problem-solving challenges or obstacles. Instead, they make the rules and enforce the consequences with little regard for the opinions of children.

Punishments may be used instead of discipline by authoritarian parents. So, rather than teaching a child how to make better decisions, they are more interested in making children feel sorry for their mistakes.

Children raised by strict authoritarian parents tend to follow rules the majority of the time. Their obedience, however, comes at a cost.

Parenting Style Quiz

Parenting with Authority
Do any of these statements apply to you?

You have worked hard to establish and maintain a positive relationship with your child.
You explain why your rules are the way they are.
You enforce rules and impose consequences while keeping your child’s feelings in mind.
If you recognize those statements, you may be an authoritative parent. Authoritarian parents have rules and use consequences, but they also consider their children’s opinions. They validate their children’s emotions while also emphasizing that adults are ultimately in charge.

Authoritarian parents devote time and energy to preventing behavioral issues before they occur. Positive discipline strategies, such as praise and reward systems, are also used to reinforce positive behavior.

Parenting with Permission
Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You make rules but rarely follow them.
  • You don’t hand out punishments very often.
  • You believe that allowing your child to learn on his or her own is the best way for him or her to learn.
  • If you recognize those statements, you may be a permissive parent. Permissive parents are forgiving. They frequently only intervene when there is a serious problem.

They’re quite forgiving, with the attitude that “kids will be kids.” When they do use consequences, they may not make them stick. They may restore privileges if a child begs, or they may let a child out of time-out early if he promises to be good.

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Permissive parents usually play the role of a friend rather than a parent. They frequently encourage their children to talk to them about their problems, but they rarely make an effort to discourage poor choices or bad behavior.

Parenting Without Involvement
Do any of these statements ring a bell?

  • You don’t inquire about school or homework with your child.
  • You almost never know where your child is or who she is with.
  • You do not spend a lot of time with your child.

If those statements ring true for you, you may be an uninvolved parent. Uninvolved parents often have little knowledge of their children’s activities. There aren’t many rules. Children may not receive as much guidance, nurturing, or parental attention as they should.

Parents who are uninvolved expect their children to raise themselves. They don’t put much effort or time into meeting the basic needs of children. Parents who are uninvolved may be neglectful, but it is not always intentional. A parent suffering from mental illness or substance abuse, for example, may be unable to meet a child’s physical or emotional needs on a consistent basis.

At times, uninvolved parents are unaware of their child’s development. And sometimes they’re simply overburdened with other issues, such as work, bills, and household management.

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