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Take this formula 1 quiz and find out if you can match the quote with F1 driver. The F1 quiz has the latest funny and serious quotes.

For all of the drama and emotion in Formula 1, there are also a few moments of whimsy. We’ve seen it all in this sport’s long history: wars, rivalries, triumphs, and defeats.

Quotes from drivers, team members, and pundits may both inspire and amuse.

For your enjoyment, we’ve collected a few of our favorite F1 quotations that are sure to uplift and enlighten as well as amuse. Some of them you may have even heard or said without knowing who said them first in your daily life.

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Many fantastic F1 quotations come from Ayrton Senna, but this is possibly the most well-known. It was during an interview with Jackie Stewart that the Brazilian star said these comments, referring to the crash he had with Alain Prost in the first corner of the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix. With both racing for the world championship at stake, this was an important race.

When Senna was racing, the pole sitter had the option of starting on either side of the circuit. In spite of Jean-Marie Balestre’s friendship with Alain Prost at the time, Senna was denied the freedom of choice.

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At the first corner, Senna refused to give up the lead to Prost because of this political interference to put the “clean” side of the track in the lead. When the two collided, the Brazilian was the one to walk away with the victory.

In racing and in life, this is the most important lesson to learn. In the absence of Michael’s philosophy, he would not have been able to win seven F1 world championships. Michael was always on a mission to win, no matter what vehicle he was in. As a result, his sporting career and world championships can be defined by this phrase, rather than by his constant use of the best car, which inspired countless others around the world.

“Spreading positive energy that supporters of Michael have expressed to him throughout time” was the family’s goal after his skiing accident in 2013. This is why you should try our F1 quiz.

Lewis Hamilton, the greatest F1 driver of all time, is correct when he says this. A driver and a person who hasn’t matured since his formative years won’t have won seven world titles.

As a rookie, he was already one of the finest drivers in F1 and won his first championship in 2008, but the driver he is now thanks to his experience and all that he has gone through is far superior. During these years, learning has been the most important factor.

In F1, Ferrari has been a constant presence since the sport’s inception and is a vital component. Without Ferrari, Formula One would not be what it is today. The Maranello-based Italian squad is the world’s most recognizable sports team and automobile manufacturer. Whenever you hear the word “F1,” you automatically think of Ferrari.

In recent years, Kimi Räikkönen’s most renowned phrase and one of the most iconic events. When he was leading the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP race, the Finn, a man of few words, said this to his engineer because he was giving him too many updates.

Who said that famous F1 quote?

More than any other type of motorsport, Formula 1 is the pinnacle. It’s the ultimate goal of every driver and the pinnacle of achievement for every technician and engineer. It’s not only a race between drivers; it’s a race between teams and brands to be the most innovative and to push the boundaries of engineering the furthest.

Driver, team, and car all play a critical role; if any of them fail, the rest of the team and vehicle will fail as well.

Graham Hill, the “Gentleman race,” utters these lines as if they were poetry. The 1962 and 1968 world champion was recognized for his grace both on and off the track. He won 14 races and finished on the podium in 36 others as one of the fastest drivers of his era.

His most successful canvas was the Circuit of Monaco, where he won five times in a row from 1963 to 1969, going by the moniker “Mr. Monaco.” Who said that famous F1 quote quiz will tell you the results.

The creator of Formula One’s most successful team was correct. Think of all the beautiful Formula One vehicles you can think of. In addition, the winning automobiles are sexiest because everyone wants to be like them because they are the fastest.

It doesn’t matter that they don’t appear to be the most attractive at first glance; they are the role models and are therefore lovely. Backmarkers, on the other hand, appear to be more unattractive since they move slower and their automobiles are more crudely designed.

Whether it’s Formula One or another elite sport, we all tend to romanticize it. In actuality, we only witness the outcomes, not the action, because we’re sat on a couch at home. While racing is an important element of a driver’s career, it is only a minor part of who they are as people. Many events, interviews, and sponsorship opportunities await drivers over the course of the weekend.

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To win a race in Formula 1, you have to work harder than everybody else. In this case, you can only compare yourself to him because he has the same car as you. It’s a given that even if your car isn’t competitive and your results aren’t stellar, defeating your colleague will keep you in Formula 1.

Your partner will be your fiercest opponent if he or she also has the best car. Rivalries between teammates like Senna and Prost or Hamilton and Rosberg have resulted in considerable conflicts amongst the drivers in Formula One history.

In 1960, Enzo Ferrari responded to Paul Frére’s question about why his 250 TR at Le Mans had an ungainly-looking windscreen with this now-famous comment. When it came to Ferrari, he was a man of many opinions. If the engine is working properly, you don’t need aerodynamics.

This may have been true in the past, but Formula One and racing in general have changed significantly, and aerodynamics is now an important consideration in the design of a vehicle. Red Bull’s success during its heyday (2010-2013) was mostly due to its aerodynamics, not its engine. With regards to 2019, Ferrari possessed the most powerful engine (it is not clear if it was totally legal) yet lost to Mercedes.

Taking it easy means you can keep an eye on things, whereas pushing the automobile to its limits and trying to be the fastest means taking risks and putting your life in jeopardy. Take who said that famous f1 quote quiz to clear your doubts.

But that’s the point of Formula One: pushing yourself to the absolute limit with no regard for the consequences. No matter how much progress is made in terms of safety, there will always be dangers associated with reckless drivers.

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