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Number the Stars is told from the perspective of Annemarie Johansen, a ten-year-old girl. The story takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September 1943, during the third year of the Nazi occupation of the country. On their walk home from school, Annemarie and her Jewish best friend Ellen are stopped by troops. The two girls, who attend the same school and reside in the same building, are shaken by their first meeting with Germans. Mrs. Johansen and Mrs. Rosen are concerned and suggest that the girls take a different route to school. The experience prompts Annemarie to reflect on what her father has taught her about Denmark, as well as her older sister Lise’s death a few years before the narrative begins. Later that autumn, Annemarie and her younger sister Kirsti discover that Mrs. Hirsch’s local store has closed. This incident frightens Mrs. Johansen even more, though Annemarie is unsure why.

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Annemarie learns more about the war during a late-night visit from Peter Neilsen, a member of the Resistance and the man Lise was to marry. Her parents and Peter explain that Jewish businesses are closing. The Rosens must depart the following day. They abandon Ellen to the Johansens. During the night, German soldiers arrive at Mr. Johansen’s apartment, demanding that he reveal the location of his pals. He refuses, and the flat is searched. Ellen poses as one of the Johansen girls, but the soldier is skeptical because of her dark hair. Mr. Johansen, fortunately, is able to show them a newborn picture of Lise with dark hair, which persuades the soldiers. Also, you must try to play this Number The Stars Quiz.

Number The Stars Quiz

Mrs. Johansen drives the three girls to her brother Henrik’s house in Gilleleje, Denmark, where Henrik works as a fisherman. They spend a peaceful day at the beach house before Henrik informs them that their Great-Aunt Birte has died. The service is scheduled for that evening. Annemarie is aware that such an aunt does not exist and wants the truth. Uncle Henrik discusses the significance of not knowing too much when bravery is required. The casket arrives that night, and everyone gathers around it. Many more individuals arrive, but they are all deafeningly silent. Peter soon appears, accompanied by the Rosens, who have been reunited with Ellen. Soldiers are enticed to the residence by the post-curfew lights. They demand that the casket be opened, which is impossible because the coffin is empty. Mrs. Johansen responds promptly, stating that her aunt died from highly dangerous typhus. The soldiers disperse.

Henrik transports the first batch of individuals to his boat. Mrs. Johansen is next, followed by the Rosens. Annemarie, who now knows that the people are being brought to safety in Sweden, is hoping for the safe return of her mother. Mrs. Johansen has fractured her ankle, she discovers when her mother does not appear. As a result, Annemarie must deliver an important present to her uncle before they can depart. Soldiers with dogs halt her on her approach to the ferry. They go through her basket and find the package. When they rip it open, all they find is a handkerchief, and they let her go. Annemarie arrives at the boat on time, much to Henrik’s relief.

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Henrik is safe at home that evening, having dinner with Annemarie, Kirsti, and Mrs. Johansen, whose ankle has been treated by the local doctor. Uncle Henrik takes Annemarie to learn how to milk the cow after dinner. They discuss the happenings of the day. He reveals that he hid his passengers in the boat’s bottom, and the handkerchief was necessary to keep the Germans’ dogs from smelling the human cargo. Uncle Henrik commends Annemarie’s bravery and assures her that Ellen is safe and that they will meet again someday.

The war ends in May, and Annemarie and her family watch from their balcony as the Danish flag is paraded through the streets. Annemarie thinks of the Rosens and understands that they, like everyone else who was forced to go, will be back home soon. Peter Nielsen has passed away. He was assassinated in a public area for his resistance activities. Annemarie’s parents inform her that Lise was also a member of the Resistance and that she was killed by the Germans, not in an accident. Thinking of Lise and Ellen, Annemarie goes to her room’s trunk containing Lise’s belongings and pulls out the Star of David pendant she had been saving for Ellen. She declares that she will wear the necklace till Ellen returns.

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