Monster Hunter Weapon Quiz – Which Weapon Is Right For You?


Take this Monster Hunter Weapon Quiz to find out which weapon is right for you. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


There is no correct or incorrect way to play Monster Hunter. Some players use every weapon, while others fall in love with a single weapon and stick with it. Pick two to four weapons that feel good to you when you first start. There are several methods for testing weapons.


The bow isn’t your average video game bow. It’s more akin to a shotgun. You can fire a swarm of bolts up close or a swarm of bolts from afar. However, at the start of each Monster Hunter game, the bow is frequently sluggish and punishing. Before you can make the most of it, you’ll need more powerful perks and better armor. To be truly effective, the bow requires powerful arrow coatings, which you won’t have until later in Monster Hunter Rise.

Try out the bow in the practice area, and if you like it, save it for later and try another ranged weapon in the meantime.

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The charge blade is Monster Hunter Rise’s most complicated weapon. It entails dealing damage to charge your weapon, storing those charges in your sword, shield, and phial containers, and then dishing it out all at once. It takes precise positioning and knowledge of each monster.

This is the most dangerous weapon for newcomers. It’s difficult to use correctly, and there are numerous combinations to remember. Also, you must try to play this Monster Hunter Weapon Quiz.

Monster Hunter Weapon Quiz


Monster Hunter Rise’s dual blades are quick and easy to use. You can quickly slice monsters and move around them. You can activate Demon Mode, which increases the cost of your attacks while also increasing their power. After dealing enough damage in Demon Mode, you’ll charge your gauge and activate Archdemon Mode, which modifies some of your attacks and lasts after you’ve deactivated your Demon Mode buff.

The dual blade combos are extremely simple and straightforward. This is an excellent weapon for new players to obtain.


The great sword is most likely Monster Hunter’s most well-known weapon. It’s what you see on the packaging and in the film. The massive sword is extremely powerful, but it is unwieldy. It is a charge-based system that allows you to charge, attack, charge again, attack hard, and then charge again to attack the hardest. The damage is incredible if you can nail the combo, but it takes a lot of patience and confidence.

Despite its simple controls, the great sword necessitates a significant amount of positioning and game knowledge. New players should avoid the monsters until they learn more about them.

About the Monster Hunter weapon quiz


The gunlance is a lance and explosive device in one. You can stab the monster while shielding yourself with your heavy shield. You can, however, detonate your gunlance and fire large shells at monsters, blowing parts of them away. The gunlance is more complex than the lance, which may make it more appealing if you’re having difficulty settling into the more protective style.

The gunlance may be ideal for some players, but it’s probably best to begin with the standard lance. If you enjoy the protective playstyle but find the limited move set tedious, try the explosive lance instead.


The hammer is the most effective weapon for knocking out a monster and then whaling on it. It also excels at breaking down monster parts, which can lead to rarer items at the end of the hunt. The hammer has a high skill ceiling but a low skill floor. Stick by the head, charge up damage, and then whale on the target when an opening appears. Monsters can take massive damage from well-timed hits.

The hammer is an excellent starting weapon because it allows new players to develop into KO machines as their skill improves, rather than punishing a lack of knowledge as more positional weapons do.

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