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MCYT Quiz – Which MCYT Are You?


Take this MCYT Quiz to find out which MCYT you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

MCYT is an acronym for Minecraft YouTube, and it is an RPF for YouTubers and Twitch streamers whose primary form of content is Minecraft. Content creators who regularly interact with Minecraft YouTubers (such as mxmtoon and jschlatt) are referred to as “MCYT-adjacent.” [Citation required] MCYT is frequently used to refer to MCRP, or Minecraft roleplay. The seriousness with which this roleplay is taken varies.

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The MCYT fandom’s content creators create a variety of content, such as videos demonstrating mods or plugins they’ve created, SMP videos cut from their Twitch streams, and speed running, among other things. Popular content creators frequently stream and collaborate with one another, and many of them may have become more well-known after participating in or being featured in SMPs like SMPEarth and Dream SMP. The acronym first appeared around July 2020 and quickly gained popularity. The following are a few of the most popular MCYT groups, people, and servers, but due to the sheer number of them, not every creator is listed. Also, you must try to play this MCYT quiz.


The Yogscast is an entertainment company founded in 2008 and incorporated in 2011. Despite the fact that they were not created for Minecraft content, they did have a period in which they primarily made Minecraft YouTube videos. Shadows of Israphel, a Minecraft roleplay series, was their most popular.
From February 2012 to March 2014, Team Crafted was an active group. SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse (also known as TrueMU), Setosorcerer, HuskyMudkipper, KermitPlaysMC, SSundee, JeromeASF, and BajanCanadian were among its members.

Aphmau was most popular between 2015 and 2017. She was best known for her Minecraft role-playing series Minecraft Diaries and its spin-off Minecraft Mystreet.

CaptainSparklez, OMGItsFirefoxx, TheSyndicateProject, II JERiiCHO II, Karl Handforth, and James Hayes were among the players on Mianite, a roleplay server founded in May 2014. (known in-game as Waglington). In March 2020, a spin-off series called Mianitian Isles was created. It was created by TheSyndicateProject with the help of many former Mianite players.

SMPEarth took place on a 1:3000 scale replica of the Earth, and participants created their own countries and governments. Wilbur Soot, chippledipple, and JoshA20 launched the server on November 22, 2019, and it will run until April 11, 2020.

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CallMeCarson created the server SMPLIVE in March 2019. Many popular YouTubers and streamers of the time were involved, though very few primarily created Minecraft content.

Dream created the Dream SMP server in May 2020. (also known as Dreamwastaken). While it began as a normal server, it evolved into a roleplay series and is now recognized as a work of fiction by its creators. The Dream Team, comprised of Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and occasionally Badboyhalo, is the most popular. The Dream SMP, combined with other Dream content, gave birth to one of the largest MCYT ships, Clay|Dream/GeorgeNotFound, or “DreamNotFound.”

TommyInnit and his “circle” of acquaintances (overlapping with the Dream SMP and SMPEarth, which he met several of them on). This includes, among others, Wilbur Soot, Tubbo_, Ranboo, beautie_, Ph1LzA, Jack Manifold, Nihachu, and Technoblade. Tommy is known to frequently vlog with these creators, and he also appears in Jack Manifold’s vlogs. In 2021, Tommy created his own SMP, the Origins SMP, in which many of his friends participate. See Subfandoms for a more comprehensive list of the subfandoms and ships in which TommyInnit and his friends are involved.

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