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If you’ve ever fantasized about robbing Jeff Bezos, Netflix’s newest thriller, Windfall, which debuted today, is for you.

Windfall, directed by Charlie McDowell (The One I Love) and written by Andrew Kevin Walker and Justin Lader, stars Jason Segel as a nameless man—quite literally credited as “Nobody”—who breaks into a wealthy CEO’s vacation home with the intent of robbing him. Unfortunately for Segel, the CEO (Jesse Plemons) and his wife (Lily Collins) arrive at the vacation home at the same time.

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Despite being billed as a “Hitchcockian thriller,” what follows is more of a character study of three people trapped on a beautiful estate. Having said that, McDowell does pack some action at the end of the film.

If you want to know what happens, or if you just want to process what you just saw, keep reading for a Windfall plot summary and an explanation of the Windfall ending. Also, you will find out which Windfall character are you in this quiz.

Windfall Quiz

A wealthy CEO (Jesse Plemons) and his wife (Lily Collins), neither of whom is given a name in the film, arrive at their opulent vacation home in California. Unfortunately, their romantic getaway is cut short when they discover a man (Jason Segel)—credited in the script as “Nobody”—in the midst of robbing their home. Also, you must try to play this Windfall quiz.

Plemons and Collins are both strangely calm about being robbed. Plemons offers to give Segel the $5,000 in cash he keeps in the house. Segel accepts and agrees to leave—but only if he can lock Plemons and Collins in their sauna for a head start.

Segel locks them in and prepares to drive away when he notices a security camera hidden in a tree and pointed directly at him. He is forced to return, and after a brief chase through the orange grove, he holds Plemons and Collins at gunpoint with a gun he discovered in the vacation home. In what is possibly the most collaborative robbery in history, Segel decides to ask for $500,000, with the knowledge that he will now have to start a completely new life. Plemons requests that $500,000 in cash be delivered to him as soon as possible, but the earliest she can do so is the following afternoon.

So the three of them now have a day and night to kill. Plemons and Collins’ marriage is beginning to show signs of strain, owing primarily to the CEO’s insufferable arrogance. Plemons is eager to start a family, but Collins is less enthusiastic. We also learn that Plemons owns a company that has single-handedly laid off a large number of American workers, though the specifics are not revealed. Plemons may have cost Segel his job, according to rumors.

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Plemons tells Collins late at night to get close to Segel in order to learn more about him. Collins does have a late-night conversation with Segel in which she admits she is dissatisfied with her marriage. It’s unclear whether she did this at Plemons’ suggestion or on her own initiative. The gardener (played by Omar Leyvar) unexpectedly shows up the next morning. He had no idea Plemons would be home, so he takes advantage of the opportunity to show his boss his plan to plant a large oak tree in the garden. When the gardener requests that Plemons sign off on the plan, Plemons instead writes “call 911” on the paper.

Segel realizes what Plemons has done and summons the gardener to the house to hold him hostage as well. Collins is enraged that Plemons jeopardized both of their lives and dragged another person into the mess when they were so close to finishing it. Plemons abruptly decides to get up and leave after a long period of waiting. He claims that he does not believe Segel has the courage to shoot him. When he sees the gun pointed at Plemons, the gardener panics and tries to flee, but he crashes into a glass door, impales himself on a shard of glass, and kills himself inadvertently. It’s gruesome, and it’s disappointing that the only truly innocent character in this film dies in such a gruesome manner.

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