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2019 is shaping up to be the year of the CGI-faced actor. Following the use of computer-based de-aging technology on the cast of “The Irishman,” “Gemini Man” has used the same technique to transform “Collateral Beauty” Will Smith into “Six Degrees of Separation” Will Smith. Granted, the F/X team had to remove fewer decades from the Fresh Prince, so the effect is slightly better. They also gave his younger stand-in much sharper cheekbones than he had in 1993, which wasn’t necessary but was probably appreciated. Director Ang Lee’s sci-fi actioner pits Young Will against Old Will in a convoluted plot involving assassins, corrupt intelligence agencies, and the old standby that “Ad Astra” is currently beating to death, daddy issues.

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To be honest, once the credits started rolling, I had no idea what to think of “Gemini Man.” I didn’t like it or dislike it. Well, I disliked one aspect of it, which I should get out of the way now because it is unlikely to affect the majority of ticket buyers. The critics’ screening was presented by Paramount in the format created by Ang Lee, 120 frames per second and in 3-D; Lee’s previous film, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” also used this frame rate. Also, you will find out which Gemini Man character are you in this quiz.

Gemini Man Quiz

To use a more familiar film as an example, “The Hobbit” series ran at 48 frames per second. “Gemini Man” looks radically different than most movies when viewed at five times the original rate of film running through the projector. It also appears to be extremely bad. Tom Cruise, Paramount’s current cash cow, made a video chastising ordinary people like a Southern grandmother for using the motion smoothing feature on their televisions. However, 120 frames per second appear to be motion smoothing. In fact, it appears to be a hellish hybrid of a video game and a telenovela. It’s so annoying that two critics walked out after 30 minutes. Also, you must try to play this Gemini Man quiz.

Smith plays Henry Brogan, a highly-skilled assassin working for Janet Lassiter’s intelligence agency (Linda Emond). Brogan is so skilled that he can hit a moving train target from hundreds of feet away. A target on the tracks of a train whose tracks curve wildly toward the screen as it flies by at unimaginable speeds. Brogan’s mark takes it in the neck rather than the intended headshot, and while it’s still a lethal wound, Brogan sees it as the final nail in his career’s coffin. He retires and returns to a boat dock, where Danny Zakarweski has taken over as his usual boat rental guy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Brogan, as spies are wont to do, expresses his skepticism about the change. Is she a spy sent to keep an eye on him, or is she an employee of Lassiter’s nemesis Clay Ferris (Clive Owen)?

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Of course, nothing is what it appears to be in films like this. After colleagues begin to be murdered and Brogan discovers that his last target was a scientist rather than a terrorist, he goes on the run with Danny, who, predictably, is also an agent. When Lassiter’s attempts to neutralize Brogan fail miserably, Clay takes over and executes “Gemini.” You don’t have to be an astrologer to realize that Gemini is associated with the aforementioned younger version of Smith, dubbed Junior. Lee does an excellent job with Junior’s reveal and the ensuing motorcycle battle, which is the film’s most exciting sequence. The first-person perspective, as well as the clever way the Smiths use their vehicles as weapons, work really well here. Lee even pays homage to John Woo (who would have been a better choice for this material), albeit with pigeons rather than doves.

“Gemini Man” knows you’re there to see a battle of wills, so it includes several scenes in which 51-year-old Brogan goes toe-to-toe with his younger self. The elder Brogan has the advantage; the wisdom of age and experience prevents him from repeating the youthful mistakes he made, mistakes Junior is making for the first time. Unfortunately, the second battle occurs in a dark catacomb where the effects are so quickly edited that you can’t tell which version is beating the hell out of the other. Brogan also takes a long time to realize Junior looks exactly like him. Perhaps it’s the new cheekbones.

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