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Take this Maze Runner Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Thomas awakens in a swaying elevator, his only memory being his first name. The Box elevator opens, and a group of boys lowers a rope for Thomas to pull him out. The boys live in the Glade, a courtyard surrounded by an enormous labyrinth of 100-foot stone walls known as the Maze. Alby, a dark-skinned boy who has been there the longest, is the leader, and Newt, a blond boy, is his sidekick. Every month for the past two years, a new boy has appeared in the Box. Thomas, perplexed and upset, demands to know where he is and what is going on, but when screams are heard from a nearby building, the boys abandon him with the young, pudgy Chuck, who will become like a brother to Thomas.

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The screams come from a boy named Ben, who was stung by a Griever, one of the Maze’s monsters. Ben is going through “the Changing” after receiving an antidote called Grief Serum, a painful process in which the victim is flooded with memories of his life before the Maze. Gally, a bully who survived the Changing, confronts Thomas, claiming that he saw Thomas during his Changing and does not trust him. Also, you must try to play this Maze Runner Quiz.

Maze Runner Quiz

Before dark, four boys run out through four “Doors” in the Maze’s walls, the walls closing behind them. Chuck informs Thomas that these are the Maze Runners, and Thomas feels compelled to join them. The Runners are attempting to escape the Maze, and each night, in a concrete room, they map out the Maze’s eight sections. However, the internal walls shift every night, resulting in multiple variations of the Maze, and they have yet to identify an escape route.

The next morning, before dawn, Newt shows Thomas a Griever through a window in one of the walls. It’s a “horrifying mix of animal and machine,” a monstrous beast with metal arms capped with saws and shears. Grievers patrol the Maze at night, stinging any unlucky boy who happens to be there. The Glade, according to Alby, is divided into four sections: the Gardens, where they grow food, the Blood House, where they raise and butcher animals, the Homestead, where they live, and the Deadheads forest, which serves as a graveyard.

An alarm sounds throughout the Glade, and for the first time ever, a girl enters the Box. She babbles incoherently before collapsing, clutching a note that reads, “She’s the last one. Ever.” Thomas recognizes the girl, but he’s not sure why. Later, Thomas discovers a metal beetle with the word WICKED engraved on it; the beetle is a spy from the Creators of the Maze. Thomas enters the Deadheads forest and is attacked by a delirious Ben. Alby shoots an arrow through Ben’s face, wounding but not killing him before he can stab Thomas.

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While working in the Blood House, Thomas notices an Asian Runner collapse on the lawn. Minho, the Runner, informs Alby and Thomas that he discovered a dead Griever in the Maze. At dusk, the Maze’s leaders, known as Keepers, drag Ben from prison and throw him into it for attempting to murder Thomas. As the walls close in on him, Ben shrieks and howls in terror.

The next day, Minho and Alby enter the Maze in search of the Griever, who turns out to be only pretending to be dead. They hadn’t returned by dinner time. Thomas notices Minho half-carrying Alby, who has been stung, at the West Door. When Thomas realizes they won’t be able to enter the Glade before the Doors close, he enters the Maze to assist them.

Thomas uses ivy ropes to secure himself and Alby high up on the wall. A Griever appears and pursues Thomas, who is soon joined by three other Grievers. Minho and Thomas use an evasive maneuver to trick the Grievers into falling off a cliff within the Maze, where they are instantly swallowed up by darkness.

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