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Take this Lulli Movie Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Lulli introduces herself at the start of the film. She discusses the significance of the upcoming event. The following day, she will finally become a doctor, something she has wanted to achieve since she was a youngster. While Lulli is plainly ambitious, she seems unconcerned about others around her. Lulli’s partner wants to talk about his worry as a medical student, but she’s lost in her own beautiful world. She peruses the menu at the restaurant while her boyfriend complains about acute pain in his leg. The film explains the degree of Lulli’s narcissistic personality when Diego is hospitalized due to Lulli’s utter disdain for his allergies. Diego decides to leave her that night, knowing how she never listens to anything he says.

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Lulli finally gets to wear the white coat she’s always wanted, but things don’t go exactly as planned. While monitoring a patient’s MRI, the machine malfunctions, requiring Lulli to enter the room. Diego follows her into the room, and they are both affected by a life spark that has been sparked. Also, you must try to play this Lulli Movie Quiz.

Lulli Movie Quiz

After that bizarre encounter, Lulli finds herself in a hospital bed. She is initially taken aback by all the thoughts she hears, but as time passes, she understands that what she hears is exactly what people are thinking. Diego has entirely forgotten about the day itself, despite the fact that she is gifted with the ability to hear thoughts. Diego still considers Lulli to be his girlfriend, and she plays along.

Even though Lulli’s talent originally perplexed her, she gradually began to use it to her advantage, as recommended by her friend, Venessa. Lulli had the notion that Paola and Diego were romantically involved, but she was proven wrong. She discovered that surgeon Paola was uninterested in Diego through mind-reading. Instead, she thought him to be her son. Mind reading helped Lulli discover a lot more about her patients. She was made aware of every lie and secret. She was able to easily solve issues and deliver appropriate medication to her patients. Paola praised her fast judgment, and she always recommended her students pay close attention to their patients. Venessa attempted to leverage her gift for personal gain while her professional life was at its peak. She occasionally interacted with Lulli through her thoughts, and she attempted to learn about the availability of her classmate, Roberto, through her.

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Lulli never spoke about it after Diego lost his memory of the day of the accident and the preceding night. They continued to be the lovers they had been, and Lulli became much more sensitive as a result. People’s thoughts made her aware of the ramifications of her conduct. This shift in Lulli’s heart aided in the development of her relationship with Diego. Diego tried to recall his recollections from the past at times, but he was unable to do so completely.

They made an excellent team. When Oscar, a patient, failed to take his medication and required surgery, the two decided to pay him a visit. Diego could identify with Oscar’s son, who was neglected by his alcoholic father because he grew up with an absent father. Diego noted that even though his father was not present, it was critical for him to recall their small moments together. There must be no remorse for failing to assist his father when he most needed his son. Oscar’s son agreed to the procedure and chose to pay a visit to his father. When Diego was going to kiss Lulli after their achievement in mending the father-son relationship, his memories of the past returned.

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