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In this Liverpool quiz, you will find out are you truly a fan of Liverpool. Try to answer all the questions and beat 75% of the fans.

Liverpool F.C. history (1892–1959) – Liverpool history The club was established in 1892 and joined the Football League in 1893, following a division between Everton F.C. Tom Watson was appointed as Manager and was the first to succeed in the Club’s two Championships. In the 1920s, two League Championships were won, and one was in 1947. In 1954 they were relegated to the second division following a downturn in the club’s fortunes.

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Liverpool history (1959–1985) – Liverpool history In 1959, Bill Shankly was appointed manager and returned the team to the first division. In the 1970s and the 1980s, Shankly’s arrival built the foundation of the club’s success both locally and in the European competition.

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Liverpool F.C. history (1985–present) – History In 1985, English clubs were barred from European competitions until 1991, as a result of the Heysel Stadium catastrophe. Three League Championships were nevertheless achieved in this period on the domestic front. The 1990s saw the club’s failure to succeed while struggling in the Premier League age. In 2005, when they won the UEFA Champions League (previously the European Cup) for the sixth time, the club reached former highs. Also, you must try to play this Liverpool quiz.

Although Liverpool FC was still an incredibly popular team in the time after the Second World War, they were not very consistent. The team entered a medium phase after earning its fourth title in the League in 1947, ending in 1954 when it relegated itself to the Second Division. But after Bill Shankly was hired as manager, things turned for the better; Shankly’s first business order was to release the entire first team. Then it transformed the storage area for the club into the famed Boot Room, the secret gathering point for coaches for the following three decades.

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Unorthodox Shankly’s methods eventually bore fruit. Two years later, Liverpool won the League after rejoining the First Division in 1962. Recalling Shankly’s era as a manager, they claimed the first European trophy – the UEFA Cup of 1973, two League titles (1966, 1973), two FA Cups (1965, 1974). In 1974, Shankly left the club in the hands of his assistant, Bob Paisley, due to a requirement for breaks.

The success of Liverpool was mostly down to two managers, Bill Shankly (1959–74) and Bob Paisley (1974–83). Shankley was awarded a victory in the 1973 Union of European Football Associations (UEFA’s) in Liverpool in the UK’s Top Division (1963–64, 1965–66, and 1972–73). A second UEFA Cup was added in 1976 in Paisley, six titles from England, and three European Cup triumphs (1977, 1978, and 1981). A fourth European Cup success came in 1984, and Liverpool finished in the Heysel Stadium in Belgium on the following year’s Juventus.

Thirty-nine people were killed, mainly due to the fall of a stadium wall, provoked by fans of Livestock charging the supporters of Juventus. For six years Liverpool was prohibited from competing in Europe—and a five-year ban on all English clubs—after the occurrence. Another tragedy occurred when 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death by overcrowding, England’s deadliest sporting catastrophe in the 1989 Football Association (FA) Cup semifinal game of the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield.

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