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Respond to these rapid questions in our Stray Kids quiz and we will tell you which Stray Kids member are you. Play it now.

In a new trend that was viral the question Which Stray Kids member were you written by popped up. You will get one of the following members Hyunjin, Felix, Bang Chan, Lee Know, I.N, Changbin or else.

The uninterrupted blare of a car horn, the sirens huddled on the streets, the camera’s false chirp, the clang of pots and pans, and the stranger’s stupid laughter. It’s only noise to some. It’s something else for others: an anthem, a statement, a song. In their latest NOEASY album, Stray Kids perfectly loud even the quiet parts, telling us how to experience the noise – not to go away from it.

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As the second full-length album of the South Korean group in a little over a year, NOEASY is full of behavior. (Although the typography screams at you, avoiding the collective fixation of the Internet to make a fiercely all-caps announcement.) It’s a cheeky wordplay. A harsh reaction to critics who assert that Stray Kids don’t make music. They are not only inclined to this distinction but owned by NOEASY, which is predominantly composed by the in-house 3RACHA production trio (formed of the member’s Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han). You’re loud. They’re loud. What, then? The “CHEESE” album-opening (again, all caps!) rushes back to the living with an unpleasant guitar riff before rapist Han smugly reminded his neighbor, “Whatever you say, it’s all fun to me.

Which Stray Kids member are you?

“CHEESE” is sour, self-satisfying, a spicy mala-type taste that the rowdy octet has been identified with ever since “God’s Menus” was released in 2020. If the early discography of Stray Kids was distinguished by sufferings and the great existential issues – who am I? Where do I belong? Where do I belong? Why do I feel like that?—then “God Menu” marked their sound and aims by a distinct turning point. You don’t ask questions anymore; you know who you are. Also, you will find out which Stray Kids (SKZ) member are you in this quiz.

About the SKZ quiz

Before Stray Kids existed the subunit 3RACHA, made up of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. Bang Chan chose each member of the group personally while the nine were still trainees. They were subsequently part of the Stray Kids (named after the group) reality show Mnet, in which they had several challenges to do together to prove to JYP that it was worth debuting at nine, what they wanted. “Their focus on self-composition is part of what distinguishes Stray Kids.” The obstacles in the program reflected this as if they were to develop their own tunes and choreography. During the show on 7 November 2017, they released a digital single called “Hellevator.” Although the show eliminated two members – Lee Know and Felix – they were finally given a second shot. In the last episode, it was stated that the band would make its debut as 9.

On January 8, 2018, Stray Kids released the Mixtape pre-debut album. At the beginning of the reality program, all the songs featured on it.

Stray Kids debuted with the title single “District 9” of I Am Not on 25 March 2018. On August 1, STAY was declared by the group. This was the title tune “My Pass” and the small I Am Who album, a few days before they came on 6 August. Lastly, on October 22, they published I Am You. The three minis, the I Am series, have all been released in less than one year and all are part of the same cycle of stories about identification and self-discovery.

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