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Take this The Sparks Brothers quiz to find out which character from The Sparks Brothers you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Sparks are sometimes rocked, some times pop, sometimes art song, always stupid. Sparks is the musical entity founded and fronted by Ron and Russell Mael. It’s a cult band with a continually renewed cultivation and a 50-year history. “The Sparks Brothers,” an enthusiastic Edgar Wright-led documentary, partially explains their call by underlining how it cannot be articulated.

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One of the contrasts is Sparks’ picture. The thin physicality, bounteous hair, and matinee-idol visage of lead singer Russell made him the major star in rock “snack” in the 1970s. Rone, the songwriter’s brother, spindly and pale, was hunched at a piano whose mustache was described as uncomfortable between Hitler’s and Charlie Chaplin. There’s then what came out of Russell, an arch falsetto that might make a dog since, songs about Albert Einstein and breastmilk (not the same track), about precise guitar riffs and baroque tracks that remind both Bach and the calliope. Also, you must try to play this The Sparks Brothers quiz.

The Sparks Brothers quiz

Anyone who has been old enough to witness Sparks perform their hormone shots This Town Ain’t Big Enough In the mid-1970s would remember that their arrival provoked intensive bliss and disconcerting – and the concerns that it raising. Is it a boy or a female that snake-hipped singer? What are they singing in the language? What about Charlie Chaplin on the keyboards? John Lennon rushed Ringo Starr according to a legend of “print-The-Myth” to tell it that Marc Bolan played with Adolf Hitler – an anecdote that animator Joseph Wallace delightfully brought to the light on screen (with cheeky voice cameos from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg). After the video of Edith Píaf’s 2017 song Sparks (Said It Better Than Me) has been marvelous, Wallace merges stop movement marionette with cutouts for the paper collage to make sure Wright’s movie is as movie-like as the topics.

Wright’s long-established vision for the Maels as theater and film creatures and not rock music offers a clear line, linking the cinematic quality of the Spark songs (epic miniature stories) to the birth of Annette, a musical collaboration between the two brothers and Leos Carax, who opened the Cannes Film Festival last month. As we learn, however, Carax was not the earliest French movie director to be able to dance with Sparks. Jacques Tati was tangoing about casting them in Confusion — a concept that boggles the mind.

The psychic girl, a popular Japanese manga adaptation to which Tim Burton was associated, was part of the Abortiful Film Projects that lasted for several years. Strangely enough, the one important role in film production in Rollercoaster was an unjust musical cameo, a disaster movie (in more senses than one) which was noticeable mainly because it formed part of the short-lived craze of the Sensurround and because Sparks was replaced by Kiss. Really.

About the quiz

This topic is further explored by the many celebrity guests interviewed and many musicians and comedians like Patton Oswalt have shared their affection for the band. Their enthusiasm raises the group, especially when several others comment how they have been influenced by Sparks. Thinking about your favorite musician, comedian, or film director Sparks, an obscure duo of oddballs from poor beginnings, speaks volumes to your artistic prowess.

Ron and Russell Mael are thrilling to see and Wright’s famous sense of humor translates beautifully on television. The bizarre visual sensitivity of Wright, though, is good for the weirdness of Sparks. Using stop motion and other animation methods, Wright raises this point and makes the band feel bigger than life. Rather than renowned rock stars, they’re a myth, their music is the perfect backdrop for their lives.

This film is mainly shot in black and white, as opposed to Wright’s other work, with archive colors, a creative choice that separates the past and the contemporary. The view of the filmmaker Jake Polonsky feels pure, clinical yet tonal like the ‘Joy of Painting’ episode. Finally, as the legacy of Sparks goes on, this is dipping in color.

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