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Take this Keep An Eye Out quiz to find out which character from Keep An Eye Out you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A group of police officers travel through various responsibilities; one is only a single-eyed one, Philippe (Marc Fraize). Only the movie of the author and director Quentin Dupieux would have made those themes tediously familiar to him with ludicrous romps like ‘Rubber,’ ‘Reality,’ ‘Wrong,’ and ‘Wrong Cops.’ This is a project that as Dupieux puts it in press notes, hopes to be ordinary.

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“Keeping an eyer outside” is a highly important director, even if it is a small addition to his filmography. Dupieux is a major director, and Naturally, the main “plot” of his script to submit a police report is that a person leading an orchestra in a field at a speedo begins before he is chased away by the cops. The key here is illogic, but do not confuse it with an interpreter, as with his earlier movies. Almost any other film creates a police report that would offer stability and concentration, but Buron (Benoît Poelvoorde) filled out, who is dopey despite his hard-core cop’s appearance and upset by the story’s uninteresting details despite his desire to make things right. He also has a hole in his belly, where every time he takes a cigarette, the smoke flows out. Also, you must try to play this Keep An Eye Out quiz.

Keep An Eye Out quiz

Some sense of normality comes from Fugain(Grégoire Ludig). Who seems to have something he hides in a serene demure. And interest to get over this strange world at the police station. The account of Fugain includes 7 journeys to the lift in one night and tells Buron about flashbacks step by step. Which merge visual aspects in the police station he meets. Early on, Buron is leaving Fugain with the close eye of Philippe’s cop. It doesn’t imply all that, because Philippe has just one eye. Save how Dupieux had a cop with an eye patch in “Wrong Cops” before.

The French DJ-turned-filmmaker Quentin Dupieux (together with Mr. Ozio). Has established a cinematic career from works that are difficult to categorize. Maybe Rubber’s weirdest story of a serial-murdering telekinetic pull is most known in the US, Dupieux has brought the brand of his quirky humor to the police with the title of Keep an Eye Out (a delightful pun related to the events of the film).

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Located within the borders of a 70-ish Police Station (apart from the flash balls and a fittingly odd credit scene), Keep an eye off is a tricky, bombasting investigator who can’t even make his own dinner plans without his questions and is in charge of the Chief Inspector Buron (Man Bites Dog’s Benoit Poelvoorde). This night, the fainthearted topic was Fugain, a tired, hungry man who went on a corpse outside his home to reply to the policeman (Grégoire Ludig was admirably playing a straight man). He is now the first suspect to tell the worldly details of his night — to be specific, seven excursions to and from his flat — in an attempt to prove his innocence.

The lead cop (Benoît Poelvoorde) is like a two-handed “Keep an eye out” along with his suspect (Grégoire Ludig). Some people enter and out to increase ridiculousness all the time. One is played by none other than Michel Hazanavicius, who has not captured the imagination of the public since he won an academy award for “The Artist.” (It was previously Dupieux’s “Deerskin.”) (Jean Dujardin, who won also an Oscar for his black and white flashback work.)

Keep an eye out preserves the best for the end, taking a high note. Which leaves the spectator wanting more nearly but not entirely.

The movie comes dangerously close to excessive welcome even for a little more than an hour. This is a rather entertaining trifle, although Dupieux has done many. One thing you can not challenge your audience, but one thing you can’t challenge yourself – something Dupieux showed little interest in doing.

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keep an eye out quiz
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