‘Kaleidoscope’ Quiz: Which ‘Kaleidoscope’ Character Are You?


In this ‘Kaleidoscope’ quiz you will find out which Kaleidoscope character are you. Play the most accurate ‘Kaleidoscope’ quiz and get your favorite character.

Kaleidoscope quiz is our very popular quiz because it can match you with the character that fits your personality the best in 30 questions. With an innovative new TV concept that lets fans determine the episode sequence, Kaleidoscope debuts on Netflix in the new year. Every viewing experience will be slightly different since the crime thriller Kaleidoscope uses episode colors rather than episode numbers and lets viewers choose where they start and stop.

Which Kaleidoscope character are you quiz will tell if you are one of the Leo Pap, Roger Salas, Bob Goodwin, or Ava Mercer after you answer all questions. Kaleidoscope is an unique TV first that promises a tale of corruption, money, loyalty, and betrayals with Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) and Rufus Sewell (The Pale Horse) leading the investigation.

Before you take the ‘Kaleidoscope’ quiz, you should prepare about Kaleidoscope characters by watching the Netflix mini-series Kaleidoscope. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch Kaleidoscope online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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Kaleidoscope Quiz

In Kaleidoscope quiz you will need to answer questions about Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) – The Mastermind – The Chief who has an engineer’s intellect. Also, he has a rigorous work ethic, and a keen attention to detail. He started stealing at an early age, and even though he had a chance to stop, he was unable to do so. His relapse cost him both his family and his freedom.

Ava Mercer (Paz Vega) – The Weapons Specialist She works as an attorney during the day, but she is equally comfortable in a courtroom or at a shooting range. Even though she acts carelessly, she has a passionate heart and will stop at nothing to protect those who are important to her.

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Which Kaleidoscope Character Are You?

In Which Kaleidoscope Character Are You quiz you will need to answer questions about Judy Goodwin (Rosaline Elbay) – The Explosives Expert. As the demolitions expert for the team, Judy is independent-minded, headstrong, and an eccentric spitfire with a sharp tongue who is smart and skillful enough to avoid blunders.

Bob Goodwin (Jai Courtney) – The Safe Cracker Bob is a chest-puffed alpha guy with a talent for safecracking and pushing people’s buttons. He is also intelligent and beautiful enough to pose a threat to anyone who stands in his way while he is on the prowl.

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How To Play Kaleidoscope Quiz: Which Kaleidoscope Character Are You?

Stan Loomis (Peter Mark Kendall) – The Smuggler Stan is a small-time smuggler with a big-time taste for life’s culinary delights. He also has a hopeless romantic heart and a mouth that never shuts up. Loyal to an extreme, he is ready to take a chance on anything to get what he wants, even if it means giving up the comfortable life he has created for himself.

RJ Acosta JR (Jordan Mendoza) – The Driver RJ is a shaven-headed engineer with a keen interest in technology. He is also an expert mechanic, automobile customizer, and driver. He is more adept at technology than common sense and interpersonal skills, yet his dedication to Leo has no limitations. He welcomes the opportunity to show his worth when he is invited to join the crew.

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How Accurate Is Kaleidoscope Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell) – The Corporate Security Titan Roger, a former burglar who has transformed into a top-tier security specialist, is a salesman with the remarkable capacity to influence others for his own purposes. Although he has some loyalty, his personal goals and needs always come first.

Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle) – The Protégé Hannah is a multifaceted lady who wears many hats and is motivated by factors other than money. She is intelligent, ambitious, and adaptable. She will need to employ every trick in her bag of tricks as a chameleon who moves between the worlds of high-stakes finance and low-lying crime to find a route up and out.

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