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Take this In Cold Blood Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

On November 14, 1959, Herbert Clutter inspects his ranch. Perry Smith joins Dick Hickock the next morning on the other side of Kansas. Hickock and Smith are tuning their car while the Clutters go about their everyday lives, running errands and baking cherry pies. They arrive at the Clutter house after a long drive, armed with a shotgun and a knife.

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Susan Kidwell and another of Nancy’s pals uncover the bodies the next morning. The cops are initially perplexed. Until he passes a lie detector exam, Bobby Rupp is a suspect. The KBI agent in charge of the inquiry, Alvin Dewey, believes the assailant must be someone close to the family. The little village of Holcomb is set on fire by rumors. Hartman’s Cafe is the epicenter of a slew of ideas.

In Cold Blood Quiz

Meanwhile, Perry and Dick have returned to Olathe, Kansas, Dick’s hometown. The two flee to Mexico after Dick passes several heated checks. Perry has always wanted to discover sunken treasure in Mexico. While the investigation in Kansas begins to follow up on dead ends, Perry and Dick entertain a wealthy German visitor before running out of money in Mexico City. Perry goes through his personal items and remembers his boyhood while packing to return to the United States. His mother and father rode the rodeo circuit until they divorced. As a child, Perry was moved from house to house. Two of his three siblings have now committed suicide. Also, you must try to play this In Cold Blood Quiz.

The inquiry into the Clutter murders appears to be stalled. Floyd Wells, a guy in the Kansas state prison in Lansing, learns of the murder case. Certain that Dick Hickock is to blame, he considers approaching the authorities. Meanwhile, Dick and Perry are traveling across America. They attempt but fail to steal an automobile. Floyd has confessed by this point, and Dewey and his colleagues have begun an extensive manhunt.

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Dick and Perry steal a car, return to Kansas City, pass more heat checks, and relocate to Miami before being apprehended. They eventually make their way back to Las Vegas, where a cop recognizes their license plate number. Following prolonged questioning, Dick confesses, and Perry follows suit. The trial goes off without a hitch, and the two are sentenced to death.

Dick and Perry are still on Death Row after a five-year appeals process. Perry attempts to starve himself as Dick writes letters to several charities. They are kept company by a slew of heinous criminals. When it comes to death, Dick is uneasy, and Perry is apologetic.

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