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Take this Hanging Wedgie Quiz to find out which one will you get. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

If you play our Which Wedgie Will You Get quiz, you can get Flagpole Wedgie, Grounded Wedgie, Atomic Wedgie, Hanging Wedgie, or others, based on what is your personality related to. Wedgie Quiz is a questionnaire about your personality towards pranks and bullying, that will match you with the most applicable wedgie for you. It is 100% accurate and you will get the perfect answer.

A hanging wedgie is one of the most painful types of wedgies!

In fact, I’d advise you not to even attempt a hanging wedgie; leave it to the immature adolescents who think it’s funny to upload videos of themselves on YouTube.

How to Make a Hanging Wedgie for Yourself, However, if you’re determined to give yourself a hanging wedgie, the procedure is actually quite straightforward.

You only need to find a strong fastening to which you can attach your underwear. The most important thing to remember is that anything you attach your underwear to must be strong enough to support your weight.

Ideally, the fix will be high enough so that your feet do not touch the ground – a bedpost, a tree, or a coat stand would suffice.

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You simply clip your underpants into place and dangle yourself once you’ve located something to hang from. It’s similar to hanging your underwear while you’re still wearing it.

Needless to say, the pressure that a hanging wedgie will impose on some highly sensitive portions of your anatomy may cause serious damage to your body! Also, you must try to play this Hanging Wedgie Quiz.

Hanging Wedgie Quiz

One of our admirers commented, “Yeah, it’s absolutely true, I’ve got one.” My older brother discovered I was using his gaming computer without his permission when he was at wrestling practice a year ago when I was a freshman. He came home early because the meeting had been canceled for the day and caught me red-handed.

When he grabbed the waistband of my tights whites and pulled them so hard that they went all the way up my back in seconds, he became enraged and put me in a headlock. He kept pulling until he decided he needed to teach me a lesson and hung me up by the leg holes of my underwear on his closet coat hooks. It hurt a lot, and he wasn’t about to let me down anytime soon. He left me alone to go hang out with his mates. I had to cling to my panties for at least three hours before they ripped.

To begin, you should know that I’ve worn briefs my entire life and continue to do so because they are by far the most comfortable underwear for me. Contrary to popular belief, guys at my school aren’t jerks about what kind of underwear they wear, but the briefs didn’t help with the inevitable wedgie.

So, here are my tales. The first takes place freshman year when I had to take gym class like every other freshman at my school. After a hard game of dodgeball one Friday, I was in the locker room changing with the rest of the team. Normally, the locker room is rather quiet; guys change and then head on to their next class, but on this particular day, everyone was pumped up about the game of dodgeball that we had just played.

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As the ignorant and egotistical freshman that I was, I spoke out and made a remark about one of the guys on the opposing team, Drew. The majority of the guys laughed it off, but the heightened atmosphere of the entire room resulted in much more severe retribution from Drew and the opposing team.

I, like the rest of the guys in the locker room, chuckled at my stupid remark but Drew appeared hyped up from the game and eager to continue this gym class feud. He promptly yelled out to the boys on his team, “Hey, what do you guys say we teach this kid a lesson?” Some of them chuckled and agreed in a lighthearted way. Before I knew it, he and some of his team were approaching me, but no one moved. Then, from somewhere in the crowd, someone cried, “Give him a wedgie!” I was swept up by the swarm and hung in one of the stalls by my briefs before I realized it.

The wedgie itself was excruciatingly uncomfortable, but what was worse was everyone laughing at me. My briefs actually ripped at the waistband, so my discomfort was minimal, and the boys assisted me down, and we all laughed afterward. I don’t think they were intentionally spiteful; we were all caught up in the moment, and my butt ended up taking the blame.

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