Are You An Alpha Or A Beta?


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If you’ve ever paid close attention to the animal kingdom, you’ll know that the ‘Alpha’ male is the one who draws the female out of the entire pack for breeding purposes. This also indicates that when the Alpha is present, other males’ chances of getting with the females are reduced.

But, hey, it’s the animal kingdom. Things are a little different in the human world. By different, I mean that, aside from the love liaisons and emotions that control the human world, alpha males aren’t the only ones that mirror women’s ideas in this enormous rat race. At least not any longer.

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Alpha Male Personality Traits: Self-Assured, Outgoing, and Enterprising

The alpha male personality type is also known as a “bad boy,” and alpha males are typically the men that require their men to be men! He’s the macho guy, the one who oozes confidence with a hint of aggression, who is outgoing and demanding, and who is unquestionably sexist! That is not to say he objects to women, but he knows he can get any woman he wants. And, most importantly, he hopes for someone who is far more docile and has little or no alpha characteristics. Also, you must try to play this Are You An Alpha Or A Beta quiz.

Are You An Alpha Or A Beta?

He’s a little difficult to work with because his ego explodes whenever he’s proven wrong. But he makes up for it with his endearing attitude.

Personality Types of Beta Males: Collaborative & Introvert

The ideal beta male is your average ‘Mr. nice guy.’ He takes a more moderate attitude to life, and his good-guy personality gets him by. He occasionally gets taken for a ride as a result of this, but overall, he’s fairly pleasant.

They are clearly more sensitive, less aggressive, and far more grounded than an alpha man. They handle criticism well and work effectively with others.

Their reserved temperament and introverted-like behavior are the only things that can detract from their excellent performance as a guy. They’re the guys who were pretty quiet in school, a touch nerdy, and perhaps harassed a little. They simply evolved into light-hearted, sensitive decent guys who are also a little idealistic!

Omega Male Personality Traits: Eccentric, Nerdy, and Laid Back

So, in every Ben Stiller film, there’s a great example of an Omega man. He has a lot of nerdy behaviors. He could be a collector of coins, comic books, insects, or even video games. He’s really laid back and lethargic, and he acts as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.

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He’s immature to some extent, irresponsible, and devoid of ambition. He was also frequently selected in school or college due to his aloof demeanor most of the time. Omegas are also thought to be very clever beings, although they don’t show it. They don’t have the drive to do something about their IQ. They can tackle a difficult math problem while eating pizza and couldn’t care less about anything else.

Gamma Male Personality Traits: Adventurer, Fun-Lover, and Restless

Gamma males enjoy having fun while not ignoring their obligations. They’re undoubtedly adventurous and fun-loving, and if they’re left idle for too long, they get very restless. Because gamma men are a more refined form of alpha males, it is feasible that an alpha male will mature into a gamma male.

They are sensitive to the other sex and are very aware of the needs and nature of what women genuinely want, and they will go to any length to meet their partner’s needs. Women are fortunate to have a gamma male in their lives.

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