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Take this Good Girls Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Good Girls is the female equivalent of Breaking Bad. It follows the lives of three suburban mothers as they become embroiled in the criminal underworld.

By the end of the first season, the mums have gone from laundry to laundry.

Beth Boland has four children, and her husband Dean owns a car dealership. Dean is having an affair, which she discovers.

Annie is a single mother who works at the Fine & Frugal. Gregg, her ex-husband, intends to sue for custody of their child, Sadie, which she cannot afford.

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Ruby is a waitress and the mother of two children, one of whom is ill and requires costly medication.

Desperate for cash, the women band together to rob Fine & Frugal and steal $500,000 (which turns out to belong to the gang).

Boomer, Annie’s boss, recognizes Annie as one of the robbers because of her tattoo. The women are holding him hostage in order to keep him quiet. Also, you must try to play this Good Girls Quiz.

Good Girls Quiz

The ladies descend into more and more illegal activity, eventually becoming involved with a high-ranking criminal named Rio, and eventually being forced to join a shopper scam to launder their money.

When Rio is apprehended by the FBI, the ladies are convinced that he will go against them to save himself.

When Beth returns home one day, she finds Rio, who has been released on bail, and a battered Dean by her side. He hands Beth a gun and tells her she can be “the boss” if she pulls the trigger.

The crime scene at the grocery store reveals a possible new piece of evidence against Beth. The ladies concoct a plan to intercept the evidence.

Dean (who Beth did not shoot in the end) is depressed because of his injuries from the car accident and Rio will require a lengthy recovery period. He has no idea that Beth has begun an affair with Rio.

After Mary Pat’s child makes an innocent, yet incriminating, remark, FBI Agent Turner is hot on the girl’s tail.

Rio orders Beth to make some deliveries for him but refuses to tell her what the packages contain. Beth discovers that the packages contain drugs and plans to blackmail Rio with this information. She has to take her children with her on delivery, and one of them forgets to bring their blanket.

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Dean learns that Beth is having an affair with Rio and vows vengeance. He considers contacting someone who can “look after” Rio. Dean, on the other hand, is duped, and Beth’s money is stolen.

Beth returns home to find Dean has abandoned her and taken the children with him. Beth meets with Dean and asks what it will take to reclaim her children, to which Dean responds by telling her to end her association with Rio and her criminal life.

Beth informs Rio that she wishes to leave the criminal underworld. Dean, on the other hand, discovers that Beth has not removed Rio from her life as promised, and they file for divorce.

Mary Pat is happily married to Jeff, who is on disability. He dies unexpectedly while playing with the kids. She hides his body and does not report his death in order to keep his checks.

Boomer (who was thought to be dead earlier in the season after Mary Pat accidentally hit him with her car) is discovered to be alive and well in Marion’s attic.

Rio kidnaps Beth and Agent Turner and orders her to kill him in order to get him out of her life. She, on the other hand, turns against Rio and shoots him several times before releasing Agent Turner.

Rio is still alive, thanks to Agent Turner, as revealed at the end of the final episode.

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