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Take this Genshin Impact kin quiz and find out which Genshin Impact character do you kin. This is up-to-date test with correct results.

Genshin Impact is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that immerses players in a universe ruled by archons, who bestow elemental visions to deserving mortals. The adventure of the Traveler and the weird Paimon to discover their missing brother or sister is the focus of the game’s narrative. The Traveler defies the laws of Teyvat and accomplishes near-impossible feats with his ability to access the elements without the use of vision.

All seven zones must be explored and the secrets of the world unearthed if they are to discover their missing sibling. Genshin Impact was a massive event, and we’ve broken it down into a simple timeline below.

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In the manga and the video games, Mondstadt and the Fatui are introduced, and the tale begins. When Venti and Venessa first arrive, Mondstadt is under the dominion of the Knights of Favonius, who are shown in the manga with Hu Tao liberating it from their oppressors.

A few years before the commencement of the video game’s tale, the Fatui and Collie, a young girl infused with Deev energy, arrive in Mondstadt. Dottore, on the other hand, is in town, and he attracts the eye of both Diluc and Kaeya.

Genshin Impact Kin Quiz

A pyro hallucination used by Amber and Diluc thwarts Dottore’s plans to acquire Collie, who is revealed to be his experiment.. Collie befriends the knights and is saved by Cyno, a figure from Sumeru who is still under development. Collie travels to Sumeru with him after he is healed.

Paimon is pulled from the sea by the Traveler, who says that they were attacked by the Unknown God and have been separated from their sibling. Mondstadt’s story arc begins. The two travel to Mondstadt with Hy Tao, where they meet Venti and Dvalin, who are now known as Stormterror, and Amber.

Eventually, they find out that Stormterror is causing havoc in Mondstadt city by unleashing a windstorm. When Stormterror unleashes his fury, the Traveler joins forces with the Knight of Favonis, Venti, and Diluc to put a stop to it. This is why you should try our Genshin Impact kin quiz.

The Abyss makes an appearance along the journey, and it turns out to be the source of Dvalin’s corruption in the end. With the help of the Holy Lyre stolen from the cathedral of Barbatos, Stormterror’s lair is calmed and the team’s mission is accomplished.

Venti is then accosted outside the cathedral, and La Signora, the first Harbinger to appear in the video games, steals his Gnosis. We also discover that Venti is actually Barbatos, the Archon of the Anemo.

Which Genshin Impact Character Do You Kin

Both The Traveler and Paimon will travel to Liyue to meet with Lord of Geo Rex Lapis once they’ve finished talking with Venti. After arriving in Liyue, they visit Ningguang’s Rite of Descent, where Rex Lapis appears to have been murdered.

Being suspected of complicity in the murder, they quickly depart the area with help from an unknown individual named Childe. To clear their name, he sends the Traveler to Jueyun Karst to meet with an Adepti. Childe then introduces the two to Zhongli, and they begin to assist him in completing the Rite of Parting after they have met with them.

This is when they meet Ningguang and begin gathering evidence that Fatui was involved in Rex Lapis’s death.. As the Adepti and Millenth are on the verge of a conflict, the Traveler is forced to dash to the Golden House to protect the Geo Gnosis from Childe.

It’s shown that Rex Lapis’s body isn’t actually the Geo Gnosis once Childe enters the golden home, and Tartaglia shows himself to be Tartaglia too. Which Genshin Impact character do you kin quiz will tell you the results.

Childe summons Osai, who is beaten by the Traveler and Adepti after an arduous struggle. You soon discover that Zhongli is the Geo Archon and that he is offering his Gnosis to La Signora without any strings attached. Zhongli faked his own death in order to step down as Archon of the region.

After Liyue, the Traveler learns that Khaenri’ah, a human-run nation, fell and that a character named Dainslief formerly guarded it. And your sibling is now head of the Abyss order, and he plans to exact revenge on the Archons who took your country away from you years ago.

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The inhabitants of Khaenri’ah who have transformed into Abyss mages are in fact the original Abyss mages. Scaramouche, a second Harbinger, also appears as a meteor falls from the sky and reveals that Teyvat’s sky is a fabrication..

The Traveler is able to sneak into the impenetrable nation of Inazuma with the help of Beidou and an escaped prisoner named Kazuha.

Then they seek support from Thoma and Ayaka to enter the country, where they hear about the Vision Hunt Decree and join the resistance in that region. Take the Which Genshin Impact character do you kin quiz to clear your doubts.

As fate would have it, their new friend Tohma is taken prisoner by the Raiden Shogun, and they must fight the Archon to free him. It is revealed that the resistance is being given delusions that are aging them at an accelerated rate by the Fatui after the Traveler narrowly escapes death.

It is at this delusion factory that Traveler and Paimon meet Scaramouche, who nearly kills them. Because Yae Miko saved their lives, she leads them back to her shrine, where she sets out to liberate Ei, the true Electro Archon.

The Traveler enters the Raiden Shogun’s palace, where they are confronted by La Signora and must fight before the throne after persuading Sara, the Shogun’s general, to ask for assistance.

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