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Take this Extraordinary Attorney Woo quiz to find out which character from Extraordinary Attorney Woo you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A show that avoids the inevitable pacing slowdown that most K-Dramas experience in the episodes running up to the climax has something wonderful to offer. It is a huge comfort that Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which ended precisely a week ago, kept much of its strong writing throughout its last episodes because that was always the show’s greatest asset.

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Hotshot law firm Hanbada continues to receive difficult cases, but rookie lawyer Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin), who has autism spectrum disorder, is gradually settling in. Along with her growing romantic interest in her coworker Lee Jun-Ho (Kang Tae-Oh), she is also keeping a significant family secret about her biological mother, which some people seem to be quite interested in. Also, you must try to play this Extraordinary Attorney Woo quiz.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo quiz

The cases that Young-Woo handles prove to be eye-openers in many ways to a society that is frustratingly unbalanced and frequently complex as the show goes on. Young-Woo is forced to defend a man who is accused of taking advantage of a woman with a disability in the show’s most dramatic and intense episode. She is just beginning a romantic connection, therefore the case is particularly personal to her and her life’s course. Also, you will find out which Extraordinary Attorney Woo character are you in this quiz.


Park Eun-bin as Woo Young-woo

The newest attorney in the Hanbada law company is Woo Young-woo, who has spelled the same both ways. She is intelligent and passionate about the law, but she is not as social as her coworkers. Even though she is unable to discuss whales with her coworkers, she is nevertheless committed to doing a good job at her job.

Kang Tae-oh as Lee Jun-ho

Another Hanbada employee named Jun-ho quickly befriends Young-woo. He’s incredibly empathetic and caring, and he starts to develop romantic feelings for his new coworker.

Kang Ki-young as Jung Myung-seok

The firm’s senior attorney and Young-superior woo’s is attorney Jung. Though it takes him some time to get used to Young-distinct woo’s nature, he has developed into a helpful mentor.

Award-winning actor Kang is well recognized for his role as Secretary Kim’s dependable best friend in the film What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? Along with Vivid Romance and Weightlifting Kim Bok-joo, he also appeared in Moment of Eighteen, I’m Not a Robot, and Moment of Eighteen.

Joo Hyun-young as Dong Geurami

A best pal of Young-woo The lawyer’s strongest supporter is Geurami. The two girls became friends after meeting in high school when the outspoken Geurami defended the reserved Young-woo from bullies. Additionally, they have a memorable handshake that is becoming popular among fans(opens in new tab). (Don’t be shocked if you find yourself shouting “Woo to the Young to the Woo” at random.)

About the quiz

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the Netflix tv-series Extraordinary Attorney Woo you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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extraordinary attorney woo quiz
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