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The story begins with a cut-scene in which the player is supposed to have been unconscious on a beach due to a time-traveling accident, causing them to transform into a Pokémon. Meanwhile, the partner is hesitant to join the Wigglytuff’s Guild, a local exploration club, and gives up early. While walking along the beach, the partner comes across the player and informs him that he has been transformed into a Pokémon. The Relic Fragment that the partner is holding is then stolen by Zubat and Koffing, members of Team Skull, which the player assists in recovering.

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After a brief exchange, the partner explains their motivation for joining the guild. The player’s partner is fascinated by legend and lore, and their life goal is to discover the secret of their personal treasure—a Relic Fragment with an unusual pattern on it. The partner, inspired by the player’s bravery, resolves to join the Guild as a new team with the player, who agrees as a way to piece together who they were due to severe memory loss that erased everything from their previous life except their name and the knowledge that they were once human. Also, you must try to play this Explorers Of Sky Quiz.

Explorers Of Sky Quiz

The team adjusts to life at the Guild and nearby Treasure Town over the next few days. Wigglytuff, the kindhearted Guild Master, Chatot, the hot-tempered yet well-meaning second-in-command, Bidoof, the newest recruit prior to the team joining, senior apprentices Corphish and Sunflora, the Guild chef Chimecho (also in charge of maintaining the team), Diglett and Loudred, the Guild sentries, Dugtrio, job board maintainers, Magnezone, the local sheriff, brothers Marill and Azurill, various As they are introduced to the Guild, they learn that rogue Pokémon have been wreaking havoc in the world due to the disruption of time, Pokémon cannot evolve, and new “Mystery Dungeons” have been revealed and are open for exploration.

Not long after, the player discovers that they have the ability to spontaneously see things in the past and future, but only when touching an object of some kind. This comes in handy when the player and partner arrest Drowzee for attempting to trick Azurill into collecting some treasure for him. Later, the partner tells the player about the Time Gears, which are artifacts that keep the flow of time in their respective regions going. The partner believes that if a Time Gear is stolen, time will stop in that area. Despite this, a mysterious thief is seen stealing a Time Gear.

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After a few days of minor tasks, Chatot assigns the player and partner their first major task: exploring a nearby waterfall that he believes contains more than it appears. They discover a cave on the other side and explore its depths to find a massive gem. However, their attempts to remove it resulted in the activation of a bobby trap, which flushes them off to a nearby Hot Spring. Despite being unable to claim the gem, Chatot and his partner are convinced that the cave alone is a significant find for the Guild. However, after piecing together several visions caused by his ability (which Chatot later confirms), the player discovers that Wigglytuff had already discovered the cave but had completely forgotten about it by the time they were told to go.

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