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“The Sisters”
A little youngster struggles with Father Flynn’s passing as a priest. The young child visits the priest’s grieving sisters and observes the corpse with his aunt. The youngster watches as the sisters talk to the aunt about Father Flynn’s passing and about his increasingly bizarre conduct.

“An Encounter”
Two lads skip their classes to explore Dublin because they are tired of the restrictions of school and are motivated by adventure stories. The nameless narrator and his companion Mahony eventually rest in a field after wandering the city for a bit. Uncomfortable sexual innuendos from an odd old man who approaches them and starts talking make the narrator uneasy. The narrator and Mahony eventually succeed in escaping.

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A young child develops feelings for the sister of his neighbor Mangan. He spends his time either thinking about her or watching her from his home. When they do speak, she proposes that he go to an Araby fair, which she is unable to attend. The boy intends to go out and buy something for the girl, but he is late and makes no purchases. Also, you must try to play this Dubliners quiz.

Dubliners quiz

Eveline, a young woman, ponders her choice to flee to Argentina with her boyfriend, Frank, while she sits in her home. Eveline questions whether leaving her family and home was the right decision. She decides to leave, but when the time to leave draws near, she changes her mind and leaves Frank behind. This Dubliners quiz will help you remember certain details.

After viewing a car race outside of Dublin in “After the Race,” Jimmy Doyle spends an evening and a night with his well-connected foreign buddies. They get together for a sumptuous supper when they get back to the city and then spend hours drinking, dancing, and playing cards. Jimmy leaves the party broke after becoming drunk and enamored with his friends’ wealth and status.



The reserved and thoughtful youngster who mourns the passing of Father Flynn, his companion. The narrator keeps his emotions inside while thinking about the priest’s recollection rather than expressing them to his family members. The narrator himself seems confused of what the priest meant to him, and other characters in the novel view the narrator’s relationship with the priest as inappropriate and exploitative.

Father Flynn

the priest from “The Sisters” who passes away. The enigmatic character of Father Flynn, who is potentially a child molester, sets off a book-long indictment of religious authorities that repeatedly paints them as inept.

Old Cotter

the close friend of the family who, in “The Sisters,” tells the narrator of Father Flynn’s passing. Old Cotter expresses concern to the narrator on the priest’s motives but refrains from directly addressing them.

About the Dubliners quiz

15 multiple-choice questions in the free Dubliners quiz below will help you gauge your knowledge of the book. Determine which chapters, ideas, and writing techniques you already understand, as well as what you still need to learn in preparation for your forthcoming essay, midterm, or final test. Now take the free test!

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