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Take this Death On The Nile Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Linnet Ridgeway, a beautiful twenty-year-old woman, is the heir to a vast fortune and one of England’s wealthiest women. She is in the final stages of renovating her newly acquired estate, Wode Hall, when her best friend, the poor but astute Jacqueline “Jackie” de Bellefort, asks Linnet for a favor: could Linnet hire Jackie’s fianc√©, Simon Doyle, who is penniless and recently out of work? Linnet agrees to meet Simon and finds herself drawn to him right away. Simon, the handsome and charming land agent, soon becomes not only her land agent but also her husband.

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Linnet and Simon are on their way to their honeymoon. Linnet appears to be one of the luckiest women on the planet: she’s young, healthy, fabulously wealthy, enchantingly beautiful, breathtakingly glamorous, in love, and blissfully happy. But what appears to be the start of a happy life is actually the start of the end. First, Jackie exacts psychological vengeance on Linnet, leaving her despondent and shaken: wherever Linnet and Simon go on their honeymoon, they find Jackie as well. Also, you will find out which character are you in this quiz.

Death On The Nile Quiz

As Simon and Linnet embark on a Nile cruise, tensions rise. There’s the quiet Mr. Fanthorp, whose claims to be on holiday is unconvincing; the radical Mr. Ferguson, consumed by resentment toward the upper classes; Linnet’s uncle, Andrew Pennington, who claims to have met her abroad by chance (but whose luggage tags suggest otherwise); Mrs. Otterbourne, a novelist in decline, suffering from an unnamed illness; and a young woman named Linnet. There’s also the pleasant Mrs. Allerton, whose son, Tim, is strangely wary of questions about his relationship with his cousin, Joanna; Louise, Linnet’s cunning and mysterious maid; Richetti, the archaeologist desperate to keep the contents of his telegrams private; and the snobbish old Miss Van Schuyler, whose constant demands terrorize her sweet niece, Cornelia, who appears to have something to hide. Fortunately, Hercule Poirot, the world’s most famous detective, is also on board.

Linnet expresses growing unease, claiming to be filled with hatred for everyone around her. A boulder comes hurtling toward Linnet one day while on a sightseeing trip ashore. This is her first assassination attempt (or is it an accident?).

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Tensions reach a boiling point one night, following a particularly oppressive day. In the saloon, Jackie has had too much to drink and appears intent on provoking Simon and telling the world how he has wronged her. She loses her cool, pulls out her pistol, and shoots. In the ensuing flurry of activity, Simon, who has not been mortally wounded, receives treatment, while a morbidly-repentant Jackie, who appears to be bent on suicide, has her pistol stolen. Also, you must try to play this Death On The Nile quiz.

The next morning, Poirot and his friend, Colonel Race, are awakened to the second jolt of bad news: Linnet was shot dead during the night, the killer’s method of operation identical in every way to the murderous fantasy Jackie once confessed to Poirot. Jackie is the only person on the Karnak with a pearl-handled pistol, ample motive, and a professed intent to kill Linnet, but there’s one catch: Jackie couldn’t have done it because she was drugged and under the close supervision of a nurse all night.

Poirot starts looking for the murderer, but before he does, he discovers the other passengers’ lies and secrets: Rosalie Otterbourne’s reason for throwing a parcel overboard on the night of the murder; what happened to Linnet’s expensive pearls; Tim and Joanna’s secret; the dark truth about Mrs. Otterbourne’s illness; and the true motivation for Fanthorp’s trip abroad, not to mention the identity of a dangerous agitator and known killer who turns

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