Aquaman Quiz: Are You The Franchise Expert


In this Aquaman quiz you will find out are you an expert in Aquaman franchise. Try to answer all the questions and beat 85% of the fans.

Aquaman’s bad rap. Yet we can confidently assume that the Big Bang Theory show has been popularized in western culture as a fun poker game for this aquatic hero. We know who started it.

Even the people who took Aquaman time to save themselves from major disasters would then say a little snugly about how lame he was after it became obvious that they were safe from further harm. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

Aquaman is one of the greatest characters in the comic book universe. This is all separate, however. That’s why we’re really thankful that Jason Momoa plays him in the DC film universe (because he’s also unbelievable). Of course, Jason may not look like a blond, ultra-smooth hero, but he definitely radiates the inner modesty of Aquaman.

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Anyway, because of this Aquaman-bashing fad, we’ve created this particular quiz; we want you to take it and learn how awesome the Aquaman is. Let’s make a bet. Let’s make a bet. You need to admit that Aquaman is good if you don’t get the right number of responses. And if you’re going to get a lot right, well, congratulations.

One of them was Garth, a man who later became a sidekick to Aquaman. New designations have come with this new position. Yeah, it’s plural the Aquaman quiz is pretty hard, not everyone can beat it. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

This is a plural form. Mera, a different-dimensional queen who eventually married Aquaman, was a character that became a huge part of his life. Arthur Curry was their name, jr. They were raising a son together.

Aquaman quiz

He quickly encountered Charybdis, who was once a hired terrorist and a water villain, sometime during Aquaman’s reign. Charybdis did some terrible things to Aquaman during this classic confrontation, including the theft of a superhero to communicate with marine life. It’s the most common thing for Charybdis, too. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

When Aqualad left for a mission, Dolphin (who wasn’t a real dolphin and just a surface child) joined Aquaman. Together, she and Aquaman fought off, among other things, an attack by Apokolips. After the illegal son of Aquaman, Koryak, and she was able to convince the citizens of Atlantis to follow him on an exodus from the region, Aquaman and Aquaman returned to Atlantis.

When Thanatos pulled Aquaman into a parallel universe, the rulers of the said universe fought against Thanatos. Aquaman won, of course, because Aquaman is, well. He refused to destroy the enemy that had been defeated. The leaders just didn’t care about the answer. In reality, they have decreed that Aquaman should remain in their world until he is evil. In the meantime, Thanatos had been allowed to leave and return to Earth.

Aquaman was extremely busy during the Infinite Crisis. When Spectre attacked Atlantis, the hero was drawn into the fight for the first time. An invasion that had been so successful that the Atlantic people had become refugees fleeing Sub Diego. This quickly led Aquaman’s allies to shield Aquaman from the secret society of Super Villagers. Then Aquaman was pushed into a war (called the Metropolitan Battle) where both Bane and Headhunter fought. He was fighting there. And then, at last, Aquaman went to his arch-nemesis, Manta.

Beat the other fans by scoring more than 80%?

Since then, this character has been consistently fooled, as though it was cool to some degree, even though many of the defamers know little about him. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

During the Great War, Aquaman was able to assemble an army of different heroes to defeat the aliens, the kind whose name was actually the war. However, Aquaman had to fight against an enemy he did not expect: one of his long-forgotten ancestors, Kordax.

Arthur Joseph Curry made his debut one year later. At the beginning of the story, Arthur goes down, and after hearing a mysterious voice asking for his name, the voice tells Arthur that he is in an epic war between King Shark and several other creatures. (We want to be very accurate, this is Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 40, Aquaman.)

A certain corpse was revived in “The Blackest Night,” and after his rebirth, like a zombie-like creature, a killing spree was carried out. This “zombie” was trying to rescue Mera, Tempest, and the Tula and Dolphin Black Lanterns and, with their rescue, killed Garth. The shock of the zombie animal eventually eradicated Mera’s Red Lantern Fury. It was fine, but it stopped beating. Oh, it did. You must try to play this quiz.

Aquaman and Mera are attempting to reconcile at the beginning of the “Brightest Day.” But the protagonist is suspicious and fearful of entering the water because of his time as a Black Lantern. In reality, when Aquaman can bring enough strength to walk behind the waves, he and Mera end up on a rescue mission. The dynamic duo is seeking more specifically to save some people, attacked by pirates. The mission, however, is not going well. In the end, both he and Mera are shaken by the powers of Aquaman.

What should you expect from this Aquaman quiz

The aquatic hero faced a particular enemy he supposedly exterminated in order to save innocent hostages in an underwater volcanic eruption during Aquaman’s first big arc in history during the New 52. These animals wandered deep into the ocean in search of food and walked to the shore. Still, they didn’t want to feed themselves. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

His Batman detective skills led Aquaman to Dr. Stephen Shin while researching the reality behind the Atlantis sunk. But, unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to get the truth to the superhero. Ya’Wara, the goddess of Jaguar Amazon, appears suddenly and tries to kill the doctor she thought was the killer of somebody. Aquaman finished killing, he warns Arthur that Black Manta is searching for his team, quickly uncovering the true reason behind the despised hatred between him and Black Manta.

In The New 52, the Ocean Master declared war on the surface at the first Justice League / Aquaman crossover event. Who could blame him? Who could blame him? American missiles near Atlantis were launched. Aquaman, of course, wants to avoid his war plans, but when the Justice League arrives, things start going south. A conflict follows leading to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman exiled by the Ocean Lord. And a little bit too positive is the term “vanishing.” In the Atlantic rule, this is essentially a death sentence.

That’s not nice of you. Only after a hurricane of waves crashes upon the ships of the cold-blooded killers does Aquaman and his guards in the Atlanteans rescue come up and stir.

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