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Take this Battlefield 1 Quiz to find out which class you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

When your character dies in Battlefield 1, a memorial message appears with the character’s entire name, birth year, and death year. It serves as a somber reminder that actual troops cannot be reincarnated and save the world as they do in many video games. Those warriors do not return in the prologue. As a result, there is a heartfelt commemoration for World War I’s “lost generation.” Millions of fans will have this emotion when they play this first-person shooter from DICE and Electronic Arts, which will be released on October 21.

When the trend for shooter games was shifting from present conflict to science fiction, as Activision did with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, EA took a lot of changes going back in time. With Battlefield Hardline, EA took the risk of taking Battlefield in the path of Grand Theft Auto, but Battlefield 1 has fared far better, as DICE has crafted a game worthy of the memories of The Great War, which claimed 17 million lives. It’s less about being historically correct and more about recreating the visceral experience of being in the conflict.

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Battlefield 1 Quiz

In some sense, EA is establishing a new subgenre inside the bigger shooter genre. As a result, it must get this type of game properly, especially for all audiences, including hardcore shooter enthusiasts and history buffs. I’m both of those, and I’ve just finished the story and gotten my feet wet in multiplayer warfare. I got a clear idea of how DICE walked a fine line when developing the title, which was in development for two years before it was approved. Also, you must try to play this Battlefield 1 Quiz.

“As always, it’s a Battlefield game first,” Aleksander Gondal, senior producer at DICE in Sweden, told GamesBeat in an interview. “We try to be as authentic as possible, but we make decisions for the purpose of pleasure when we have to.” We didn’t do a documentary, but we found a lot of great things to convey.”

Rather than a continuous single-player game centered on a single soldier, Battlefield 1 features five main “War Stories” that span a wide spectrum of World War I experiences. They include the tank battle at Cambrai in France, mountain combat in the Italian Alps, the disastrous Gallipoli campaign in Turkey, air warfare, and Lawrence of Arabia’s desert engagements. You never become attached to a single soldier, but each Battle Story attempts to present a deep, personal story that transports you to the horrors of war.

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Previous Battlefield campaigns saw the story told through the perspective of a single primary character, with the camera rarely moving elsewhere. DICE, on the other hand, sought better characters in Battlefield 1 rather than merely telling gamers “you are the character.” They desired bigger emotions and feelings, as well as greater depth to the whole experience, allowing stories to be told from a variety of perspectives, all set during the iconic World War I time.

DICE has strived for this intimate tale experience by invoking old cinematics that allow you to view your character more than in first-person. The developer wants the player to be able to see and experience what the characters are going through, rather than merely seeing it through their eyes. This is done not only for storytelling abilities, but also for emotional engagement.

Another major source of inspiration for single player has been how people think, act, and play in Battlefield 1 multiplayer, where you usually have an objective, a loadout, and a strategy. That plan frequently falls apart when you realize it, and you must then adapt to make do with the adversaries and vehicles you may encounter. DICE is embracing systemic gameplay and the freedom that distinguishes Battlefield as a high-agency game.

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