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Take this Avenue 5 Series Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The most comically rewarding moments of Avenue 5’s debut season have either centered around a moment of complete anarchy or a prolonged fecal analogy — and its closing episode is no exception. However, in a time when our globe (and, perhaps, the galaxy) has been thrown into a mass frenzy and people are stockpiling toilet paper as if they would soon participate in their own personal turd-orbit… these moments of space-chaos were both humorous and sad.

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While the Avenue 5 writers couldn’t have predicted the exact state of the world when they wrote this finale, the series has always been about how people start panicking in the face of impending disaster, while simultaneously denying the reality of their own doom, exacerbating it through their own selfishness, and ignoring the few people who actually know what they’re talking about. And didn’t that funhouse mirror just slide right into place tonight?! “We just witnessed seven people fool themselves to death,” says Commander Clark, the phony captain of a luxury spaceship orbited by human feces whose only value is his fingerprints.

Avenue 5 Series Quiz

Matt, ever the agent of chaos, has altered the code to the airlocks and hidden someplace in the ship to avoid causing any further harm after witnessing seven people cheerfully march to their space-deaths with the code he gave them last week. After Captain Clark first sends him a bracelet-butt-dial voice recording that says, “Life without you would be,” long pause, “the only word I could think of was easier!” Also, you must try to play this Avenue 5 Series Quiz.

The other assembled main characters briefly believe Matt’s message means he’s gone to kill himself and flood his inbox with messages encouraging him not to do so. And everyone else’s overlapping messages reflect their personality as well, such as “Hey Matt, it’s Judd from work… “Matt, those people were fucking fools, we’re better off with them, now give us the goddamn codes,” Iris sums it up perfectly: “Matt, those people were fucking idiots, we’re better off with them, now give us the goddamn codes.”

Billie makes the surprising statement that if they don’t receive the airlock code to jettison the extra weight off the ship within the hour, they’ll be locked on the original three-and-a-half-year course. Not to mention, as Cyrus points out, they need that code to recover Captain Joe’s hands and head in order to seize control of the ship’s steering for their emergency docking, as Captain Clark has little chance of doing so himself.

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So everyone breaks out to look for Matt, while Karen and Iris — a fearsome combo if there ever was one — are entrusted with increasing funds for jettisoning. And when Rav finally makes her way on board, she learns from the passengers lugging their guitars and dumbbells to be tossed down the ship that seven humans have also lately decided to throw themselves out.

“Is that all there is to it — just a simple ‘Rav?!'” Rav screams when Iris greets her calmly while bringing a massive golden horse out of Judd’s cabin. “See, I was expecting something like, um, ‘Sorry for surrounding our breakthrough luxury cruise liner with s— and corpses.'”

But this is a luxury poop-and-cadaver cruise designed by everyone, not just Iris. “Well… we’re all hiding,” Matt tells Judd and Captain Clark as they roam the bottom deck of the ship screaming his name in a high-pitched voice and discovering him nonchalantly getting a candy bar from the vending machines.

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