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In this Arsenal quiz, you will find out are you truly a fan of Arsenal. Try to answer all the questions and beat 75% of the fans.

Several workers from the Dial Square workshop at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, Kent, created Arsenal in 1886 as Dial Square (formally part of the new County of London from 1889). It was led by a Scot, David Danskin and Jack Humble who bought the first football of the team. The former Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Fred Beardsley, who later got a series of red shirts from the club together with Morris Bates, was among their numbers.

Dial Square played their inaugural match against the eastern wanderers on the Island of Dogs on 11 December 1886 on an open field, winning six to six.

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[b] Shortly after, on Christmas Day, the club had been renamed Royal Arsenal. The club was first at Plumstead Common but soon sought alternate homes, first at Plumstead before moving to the adjacent Manor Ground in 1888. Unhappy with the substandard facilities of the Manor Ground, in 1890, the club moved to the nearby Invicta Ground, three years later when rents were too costly for Invicta Ground. Also, you must try to play this Arsenal quiz.

Arsenal quiz

Founded in 1886, after his first game the club chose the name Royal Arsenal in conjunction with the moniker of Royal Oak Pub, where the squad players met the Arsenal munitions plant in Woolwich, which is their working site. In 1891 the name of the team was changed to Woolwich Arsenal and Woolwich was discarded after the 1912-13 season when its home stadium was moved to the Highbury area of Islington district of London. Until 2006, when it moved to a new 60,000-seat stadium in Islington’s Holloway District, the club played in the Arsenal stadium (often called “Highbury.”)

Arsenal’s rivalry has been prolonged with Tottenham Hotspur, another North London club, against whom it plays the “North London derby.” When the football league began to play in 1919 following World War I, Arsenal — who had finished sixth before the war in the 2nd division — was controversially promoted to Tottenham’s First Division after the chairman of Arsenal argued that his side merited promotion due to its long past.

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With the hiring of Arsène Wenger, Arsenal would become much more attentive. At the time, the unknown French manager rapidly turned the club into a scoring goal game, largely because French players like Robert Pirés, Patrick Vieira, and Thierry Henry were successful imports. The lace of the team’s assault was Henry tremendously effective. Arsenal gained three titles and three FA cups between 1996 and 2004, with a particular emphasis during the 2003-2004 season because the team didn’t lose a single game in the Premier League. The squad was eventually known as “the Invincibles,” supported by Henry’s 30 goals in 37 matches.

Arsenal was recognized as a team that doesn’t buy large names but finds talents through output scouting under the leadership of Arsène Wenger. The transfer of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid in 2013 was however an exception. It cost 42,5 million pounds, the club’s transfer record.

The 38,419 seats in Highbury were not sufficient as one of British’s best clubs (the rule from 1994 dictating all-seater stadiums in the league had considerably reduced the capacity). Arsenal wanted the stadium to be expanded, but he was not allowed since the stands were historically classified buildings. In 2006 the new Emirates Stadium was ready for the first start, with over 60,000 in attendance. They had to build a new stadium.

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