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Take this Are You Valid Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Another TikTok slang term to decode today!

Aside from being able to connect with millions of people all over the world, one of the major benefits of TikTok is being able to stay on top of what’s going on in the pop culture. The short-form video app is useful for learning about new trends, whether it’s the latest dance crazes, new recipes, or simply learning about new trends.

And the latest app trend is all about the word “valid.” We understand valid to mean something is acceptable in everyday terms, but in the TikTok world, things are always a little bit different when it comes to new slang.

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Are you ready to discover what “valid” means to app creators? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

On TikTok, the term “valid” refers to something that meets a high standard or looks good. Also, you must try to play this Are You Valid Quiz.

Are You Valid Quiz

It’s up to TikTok to give common words in the English language new meanings. While there may appear to be a plethora of words and terms to remember, this one is actually quite simple to grasp.

In TikTok parlance, “valid” simply means that something is of exceptional quality or looks fantastic. One of the best times to consider it is when discussing a favorite dish.

Instead of saying that the food is excellent, you could say that the meal is adequate.

Indeed, the definition of “valid” on TikTok is identical to the definition on Urban Dictionary. According to the popular reference tool Urban Dictionary, the word valid has two distinct meanings.

The first definition is someone who is considered to be beautiful, handsome, or extremely attractive. The second is used to describe something you like to do.

“Valid” is a term that can be found on a variety of social platforms, not just TikTok.

TikTok does, in fact, set many trends. The slang term “valid,” on the other hand, did not begin on the app.

About the quiz

To recap, “valid” is a common term in the hip-hop world that has been used by many rappers and singers.

And, as many of us already know, many of the greatest trends and slang terms were invented by Black people and hip-hop artists. Consider phrases like “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” “big willie,” “fo-shizzle,” and others.

In light of this, the term “valid” can now be found on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

On TikTok, the word “valid” is used to caption videos and in various skits.

It’s impossible to deny that the term “valid” has taken on a life of its own on TikTok. Many creators use it to describe various things in their videos.

The hashtag #valid had 363.5 million views as of May 5, 2021. Many of these videos range from discussing the best rap songs to discussing how people see others through filters.

TikToker Alex has one of the most popular “valid” videos on the app. In his video, he tells viewers to stop cracking eggs with two hands.

He uses a frying pan’s side to crack an egg open, and a friend comes in to eat the raw egg from the pot. Although it is offensive, the video has received 2.7 million likes and 13.7 million views.

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