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Take this Are You Girly Or Edgy quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

There are moments when you want to be really feminine, and other times when you want to be slightly feminine.

There are numerous things that can be classified as “feminine.” It could be a color, a pattern, a substance, or a fabric. Simply match a feminine item with a contrasting style to “tone down” its femininity.

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I wore a lovely white lace blazer and a light pink crossbody with a silver bow accent in this look. This combo may be too girly for certain people’s tastes, but a simple approach to counteract the femininity is to wear something damaged, studded, or both.

Are You Girly Or Edgy?

Mixing feminine and edgy pieces helps to balance out the appearance. This prevents the overall image from being excessively sweet or too dirty. It can be a difficult balance to strike at times, but if you put together a look that you like, you’ll develop your own personal style. Also, you must try to play this Are You Girly Or Edgy quiz.

You may be aware of several edgy and feminine outfit combinations that will work well together and create a coherent style. For example, studs with lace or black stripes and silk. You can even choose items that combine the two designs, such as pink studded flats or pastel studded belts. The trick is to integrate the two pieces into a single piece. Finally, stay true to your personal style and preferences. If you despise studs, opt for anything made of leather.

I chose a modest approach to merging edgy and feminine in this look, yet it complements my own taste. I’d rather have a sweeter appearance than an edgier one.

What is one of the best things to do when looking for a beautiful outfit? This does not always work depending on the style, however, blending styles can occasionally result in the best outfits. This Fashionista adds a little edge to her flowery, preppy look. She ends up with an outfit suitable for a lunch date or a cookout.

About the quiz

I get big ’50s feelings from her outfit and the wall behind her. She chose a lightweight white top that will work with practically every outfit she would wear this summer. She combined it with a multicolored scarf for a splash of color and a preppy vibe. She also wears a ring and a set of stud earrings. They add a splash of color without overpowering the scarf or the rest of the outfit. She dressed down the outfit with a pair of tattered denim. With the preppy, frilly shirt and scarf, the jeans are the component of the outfit that adds the edge. She completed the look with bare feet. If you don’t already have a pair of nude heels, you should get some. Every woman requires a pair.

The most important question is, where can you wear this outfit? Lunch, supper, a day excursion with the girls or your significant someone, barbecues, and brunches are just a few of the things that this outfit is appropriate for. With a few waves in your hair, you’ll be ready for any activity this summer has to offer!

Halloween is one of the many things we like about the fall season. For those of us who don’t dress up for Halloween, you can still ‘dress up’ and share in the excitement by wearing some of our favorite fall colors. Today, we’re focused on two outfits – girly and edgy – that are both festive for Halloween and can be worn throughout the season.

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