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What exactly is going on in your body right now? Your initial response may be that you’re hungry, that your muscles are sore from a run, or that you’re fatigued. But let’s dive even further, past your consciousness and into your cells to see what’s going on.

If you could peer into each cell in your body, you’d discover an amazing hive of activity, more akin to a crowded open-air market than a quiet room. Whether you’re awake or sleeping, running or watching TV, energy is being changed inside your cells, changing forms as molecules undertake the chemical reactions that keep you alive and functional.
A summary of metabolism

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Cells are constantly performing millions of chemical reactions that are required to keep the cell, and your body as a whole, alive and healthy. These chemical processes are frequently linked in chains or pathways. The metabolic activity of a cell refers to all of the chemical events that occur within it. Also, you must try to play this Ap Biology Metabolism Quiz.

Ap Biology Metabolism Quiz

Let’s look at the metabolic diagram below to gain a sense of the complexities of metabolism. This jumble of lines appears to me to be a map of a very huge subway system, or possibly a fancy circuit board. It is, in fact, a schematic showing the major metabolic pathways in a eukaryotic cell, such as the cells that comprise the human body. Each line represents a reaction, and each circle represents a reactant or product.

Some chemical events in the cell’s metabolic web release energy and can occur spontaneously (without energy input). Others, on the other hand, require additional energy to occur. Cells, like you, require a constant inflow of energy to fuel their energy-demanding chemical activities, just as you must eat food to replace what your body utilizes. In truth, the energy required by your cells is derived from the food you eat!

To put metabolism into context, consider two metabolic processes that are critical to life on Earth: those that generate carbohydrates and those that break them down.

Consider how one of your cells might break down a sugar molecule as an example of an energy-releasing route (say, from that candy you had for dessert).
In a process known as cellular respiration, many cells, including the majority of the cells in your body, obtain energy from glucose. A glucose molecule is gradually broken down in numerous little steps during this process. The process, on the other hand, has an overall reaction of:

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The breakdown of glucose releases energy, which the cell captures in the form of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is a tiny molecule that provides an easy mechanism for cells to temporarily store energy.

Once created, ATP can be used as an energy source by other reactions in the cell. Much like how we humans use money because it is more convenient than haggling every time we need something, the cell uses ATP to have a standardized manner of transferring energy. As a result, ATP is sometimes referred to as the cell’s “energy currency.”

Photosynthesis is used to produce glucose.
Let’s take that last example and flip it around to observe how a sugar molecule is constructed as an example of an energy-requiring metabolic pathway.
Plants produce sugars such as glucose through a process known as photosynthesis. Plants use sunlight energy to transform carbon dioxide gas into sugar molecules during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis occurs in numerous minor steps, but the overall reaction is simply the cellular respiration reaction reversed:

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