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A narcissist and an empath have a one-sided relationship in which one is the giver and the other takes as much as they can, leaving the other high and dry. The empath in the relationship wants to help the other and provide a source of support and love to the narcissist, who thrives on this type of attention, much like a parasitic relationship.

Because of the narcissist’s manipulative and selfish tendencies, they end up driving the relationship and exerting control over the empath.

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What Exactly Is a Narcissist?

A narcissist is someone who has a holier-than-thou attitude toward themselves, believing they are more special and deserving of things. They are more likely to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, which is characterized by grandiose thinking, an inflated sense of ego, a lack of empathy, and a need to be admired by everyone. Deep down, they have deep insecurities and fears that are hidden by these narcissistic traits.

What Exactly Is an Empath?

Empaths are sensitive to other people’s emotions and are attuned to their own. They tend to put others’ needs ahead of their own and give without being asked. They feel so deeply and so good about helping others that they can absorb other people’s emotions. Empaths are often overflowing with compassion for others.

Am I An Empath Or A Narcissist Quiz

Why Do Empaths and Narcissists Attract Each Other?

Because of their high level of compassion, empaths are prone to absorbing the emotions and energy of others. When they encounter a narcissist, the energy they sense awakens something in them that ignites their desire to comfort the narcissist, thereby initiating the cycle of narcissistic supply. Also, you must try to play this Am I An Empath Or A Narcissist Quiz.

Typically, the empath believes (often subconsciously) that they can heal and help the narcissist, so they pour themselves into proving their worth to the narcissist, but the narcissist will never see it. The narcissist in this position will exploit the empath’s compassion and see it as a sign of weakness. The attraction between the two stems from their complementary desires, as unhealthy as seeking attention and validation from one another maybe. If the empath has a tendency to be more codependent in relationships, these are likely to become more problematic.

In our adult romantic relationships, we tend to replay scenarios based on our childhood attachment style and experiences with caregivers and parents. Empaths often seek validation and love from narcissists, possibly as a result of not having their emotional needs met as children by a caregiver or parent. An empath most likely had a narcissistic parent or was subjected to some form of emotional neglect in which they learned that love is conditional. This has prepared them for heartbreak in adulthood.

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Because of their underlying pain and insecurity, narcissists tend to project all of their emotions onto others. They, too, may have grown up with narcissistic caregivers or parents, or they may have been subjected to abuse or a traumatic event that shaped their upbringing. This, however, is not an excuse for the emotional and, in some cases, physical abuse inflicted on their partners, who become victims.

The narcissist has the opportunity to take advantage of the empath’s need for love in order to fulfill their own needs. In this sense, the narcissist is unlikely to see their actions as a source of concern. Narcissists will not change until they can reflect on their own actions and feel their own emotions.

The narcissist can keep the empath in a cycle of emotional or physical abuse, demoralize them, and use them as a scapegoat for their own dysfunctional feelings. Empaths have a tendency to internalize their feelings and accept blame. The narcissist then portrays themselves as the victim, when the true victim is the empath.

The only choice an empath has here is to decide whether they want to stay in a relationship with a narcissist or remove themselves from the equation so the narcissist must take responsibility for their own feelings. If the former, the empath has most likely formed a trauma bond with the narcissist, which can be difficult to break or even recognize. If the latter, the narcissists will immediately discard the empath, adding insult to injury for the empath. The narcissist will look for another victim as soon as possible so that they can continue to get their narcissistic supply.

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