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Is It Love Or Lust Quiz – Find Out Now


Take this Is It Love Or Lust Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

On the big screen, it’s fairly easy to tell when a character is in love or lust with another.

In “The L Word,” for example, it’s clear that Alice feels lust for Papi while she feels love for Dana (#CoupleGoals).

Similarly, Seth Cohen of “The OC” clearly feels lust for Alex, while he feels love for Summer.

But in real life — especially when it’s your life — it can be far harder to figure out what’s what. This guide is here to assist you.

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What’s the quick answer?
According to the SparkNotes version, love is primarily based on emotional, spiritual, and mental intimacy, whereas lust is primarily based on physical and sexual intimacy. Also, you must try to play this Is It Love Or Lust Quiz.

The keyword here is “primarily.”

What do we mean when we say “love” and “lust”?
“There isn’t a widely accepted definition of each,” says Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., social psychologist and research fellow at The Kinsey Institute, and author of “Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life.”

Is It Love Or Lust Quiz

So it all depends on who you ask.

He defines lust as an intense sexual and physical attraction to another person.

“Love, on the other hand, is a much broader concept that includes a deeper emotional connection and, more often than not, a desire to make that relationship last,” he says.

How can I tell what I’m feeling?
Lust and love are usually fairly easy to distinguish with some self-reflection.

Consider the following:

  • What physical sensations do I have when I look at this person if any?
  • Do I want this person to have sexual contact with me? How do they feel if they have already done so?
  • Do I fantasize about spending the rest of my life with this person? Do I have sexual fantasies about this person?
  • Do I want to invite this person to family, work, or social gatherings? Or do I just want to bring them to my bed?
  • What words would I use to describe my relationship with this person?
  • “Lust is primarily about physical excitement and craving for someone else,” explains Lehmiller.

“So, if you get heart palpitations every time you see this other person, feel a rush of excitement from even the slightest touch of your bodies, and you can’t stop fantasizing about them sexually,” he says.

“If you find yourselves disclosing personal details to each other that you don’t normally share, you’re providing emotional support to each other, you’re integrating them into your life, and you’re thinking about your future together, it’s probably love,” says one expert.

About the quiz

In general, if you have a connection that goes beyond physical attraction, it could be love.

Is it true that there are signs to look for in order to determine how someone else feels?
No, not at all.

To begin with, lust and love are not mutually exclusive. “While you can have love without lust or lust without love, you can have both at the same time [for the same person],” Lehmiller says.

Second, different people express their love in different ways. “Some people express their love with words,” he says. “Others show it through their actions.”

All of this being said, one of the main signs of love, according to Lehmiller, is an intimate, emotional connection that develops over time through shared experiences and self-disclosure.

“So, if someone wants to spend a lot of time with you outside of the bedroom, if they’re sharing really personal and intimate details about themselves, if they’re asking you a lot of questions and seem invested in learning about you if they’re introducing you to family and friends, or making future plans with you,” he says.

Meanwhile, if someone only wants to spend time with you in bed and doesn’t seem interested in your life outside of the bedroom, Lehmiller believes you’re dealing with lust.

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