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Take this Alchemy Of Souls quiz to find out which character from Alchemy Of Souls you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Alchemy of Souls has all the makings of a significant, enduring K-Drama: complexity, richness, and committed world-building. However, the Hong sisters’ most recent endeavor occasionally suffered from a plot that was circular or from a pace that was clearly laborious, slowing the ascent to the season’s effortlessly unforgettable finish.

The show’s plot centers on the lives of those who dwell in Daeho, a location unknown to most people. There, wizards, sorcerers, assassins, maids, and all other kinds of imagined individuals go about their daily business, assisting the many parts of this confined realm.

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That is complicated, and Alchemy of Souls takes it a step further by concentrating on a small group of characters and their daily lives in Daeho. The main character is Jang Uk, a budding wizard who, once his gate of energy is opened, travels from being a clumsy no-hoper to a sophisticated, self-assured man. Mu-deok, who is home to the soul of the previous assassin Naksu, is a major help to him. They share a unique connection that develops into so much more and enables both of them to become fundamentally better people. Also, you will find out which Alchemy Of Souls character are you in this quiz.

Alchemy Of Souls quiz

Jin Mu is the main adversary on the other side of the equation. He is a cynical aide to Gwanju who aims to manipulate everyone around him while using forbidden wizardry to dominate Daeho. He is the metaphorical good guys’ generally cunning, hard-to-beat foe. With a loaded supporting cast that includes everything from con artists to soul-transforming Queens, Alchemy of Souls becomes even deeper. Also, you must try to play this Alchemy Of Souls quiz.



The woman who has won the hearts of three men—Jang Uk, Seo Yul, and the crown prince Go Won—as well as ours. The charming, resilient, and adaptable type who has a plan of action for any circumstance. She not only knows how to manage every circumstance, but she also has a deft hand with manipulating the characters, which makes us adore her even more.

Because Naksu and Jin Bu-yeon share an adversary, this character is a combination of two extremely badass characters and is sure to be OP. Jin Bu-divine yeon’s abilities and Naksu’s magic will only make this character more spectacular. By portraying the emotions of helplessness, love, betrayal, superiority, flattery, and other similar feelings, Jung So-min has done an excellent job in this part.

Jang Uk

The person will enter your heart so readily that you won’t be able to tell when it did because he has the ability to see into other people’s hearts. This young master from a wealthy family is not as content as he appears to be because of his tragic past and enigmatical birth. Due to his heroic nature and willingness to sacrifice everything for love, Jang Uk is unquestionably one of the best male protagonists out there.

Seo Yul

The sweetest boy on this show who is willing to sacrifice everything for the people he loves. Although this mage’s talent places him among the finest, he is not a genius like Jang Uk. He is among the most adored characters for more than just his talent and beautiful looks, though. He will have to bear the pain of keeping the truth from Naksu and Jang Uk, as well as the weight of being unable to provide the former with a better life, because of his pure heart.

Crown Prince Go Won

The third man Mu-deok has pursued is unquestionably the one with the least chance of succeeding. With his personality that can distinguish between good and wrong, this silly yet upright crown prince is gradually winning our hearts. When he feels that there is a problem, he knows his duties and won’t hesitate to look into the queen.

Park Jin

The man who has in some ways taken on the role of Jang Uk’s father, who has been left out as a result of Jang Kang. Since he also serves as the leader of Songrim, he is unable to fully assume this position for a variety of reasons. It is difficult for him to act in Jang Uk’s best interests because of his rebellious attitude.

About the quiz

The Alchemy Of Souls quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the Netflix tv-series Alchemy Of Souls you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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