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Why Is Seungmin In A Wheelchair? What Happened To Seungmin?


Fans of the South Korean boy band Stray Kids may recall concerns around member Seungmin back in 2019. The young performer, part of the popular music group, had to limit his activities due to a minor back injury. The band’s agency, JYP Entertainment, issued a statement that year explaining that Seungmin sustained the injury during an undisclosed filming schedule, which potentially led to sightings of him in a wheelchair.

Seungmin’s back injury was revealed by the organization on February 19, 2019. Doctors told him to limit large activities for a few days after conducting a complete medical evaluation in order to promote a quick and painless recovery. The group’s planned activities were impacted by this medical advise, which may have also caused Seungmin to occasionally use a wheelchair.

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Although Seungmin’s use of a wheelchair was not specifically stated, it is a logical step to lessen the strain on his back and maintain mobility. It’s also a typical prophylactic measure taken to stop an injury from getting worse or becoming more complicated.

In the 2019 announcement, JYP Entertainment expressed regret to Stray Kids’ devoted fan base, the STAYs, and made a commitment to put the artist’s health first. The agency promised supporters that they would make every effort to hasten Seungmin’s rehabilitation, including adjusting his schedule to make sure he had the necessary rest and medical attention.

What Happened To Seungmin?

The accident occurred as Stray Kids were getting ready for their March comeback and upcoming “I am” concert tour, which included stops in Melbourne, Sydney, and Manila. On social media, fans from around the world voiced their worries and wishes for Seungmin’s quick recovery.

Fans around the world frequently worry about musicians’ health problems in the physically demanding and quick-paced K-pop industry. However, such conditions are often handled with timely, competent medical attention along with relaxation. In 2019, everyone hoped that Seungmin would recover quickly, and he has since resumed his upbeat performances.

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why is seungmin in a wheelchair
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