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Why Did Woojin Leave Stray Kids? What Is The Truth?


Sudden shifts are typical in the K-pop industry, and Kim Woojin’s exit from the hugely popular boy band Stray Kids in late 2019 was one of these crucial moments.

In October 2019, Woojin, the band’s oldest member and primary vocalist, parted ways with Stray Kids and their management company, JYP Entertainment. The news took fans by surprise, given the group’s rising trajectory and Woojin’s integral role in the band.

Woojin, who up until this point has been a member of Stray Kids, “has left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract,” according to JYP Entertainment’s official announcement. It is customary in such announcements to respect the privacy of the parties involved and leave out the specifics of these personal situations.

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There was a lot of speculation among fans and business watchers as a result of this surprise move. Woojin, however, continued to concentrate on his individual and professional development away from the group. Following his departure, Woojin continued to engage with fans through meet-ups and began making plans for a solo music career. To continue sharing his songs and life story with his audience, he even started his own YouTube channel.

Although they appeared to be disappointed by the unexpected departure of a valued member, Stray Kids carried on as an eight-piece band. Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N., Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Changbin make up the group, which has persevered despite the major change, demonstrating their adaptability and cohesiveness.

A fresh chapter for both parties began with Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids. Woojin started on a new road in his musical career as Stray Kids continued to establish their position as leaders in the K-pop scene.

Sexual Harassment Accusation Against Woojin 

Kim Woojin, a former member of Stray Kids, found himself in the spotlight in September 2020 after sexual harassment claims started to circulate on Twitter. During the coronavirus epidemic, a woman claimed that Woojin had harassed her and a friend in a bar in Seoul by making advances toward them. The anonymous user eventually deleted their account. Despite their protests, the accuser claimed Woojin had acted inappropriately by touching them without their permission.

In a swift response to the charges on Twitter and Instagram, Woojin vehemently denied them. He said that neither he nor the accuser had ever been to any of the places named in the tweets. The former member of Stray Kids voiced his concern for the surprise and anxiety his fans may be feeling as a result of the rumors. He reassured them of his innocence and warned them that the rumors were being propagated by his new management organization, with whom he had just lately joined.

What Happened to Kim Woojin After Leaving Stray Kids? Where Is He Now?

Woojin is still a recording artist with 10x Entertainment as of right now. After releasing his first mini-album, “The Moment” A Minor, in August 2021, which includes the title song “Ready Now,” he became an official solo artist.

In July, Woojin released the pre-release single “Still Dream” in anticipation of the mini-album’s release. The soloist conveyed his emotions and situation through this song. He sings about his dashed hopes, as well as all the highs and lows, but he still holds out hope for better times.

Former Stray Kids member Woojin worked with the clothing line UL:KIN in March.

Additionally, he is also preparing for his acting debut in the new HBO Max series “Beyond the Wardrobe.” He is now shooting the scenes at the drama’s setting of So Paulo, Brazil.

Woojin will play one of the main characters in “Beyond the Wardrobe,” specifically Kyungmin, a member of the boy band ACT. Other Korean celebrities, like NEWKIDD Jinkwon, XRO Yoon Jaechan, and Lee Min Wook, will also be a part of the band.

In 2023, the first season of the HBO Max series is expected to air.

Written By:

Shane Coleman

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why did woojin leave stray kids
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