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Take this which Undertale character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Two races formerly dominated the world: human beings and monsters. Between the two races one day, war broke out. The people were victorious after a hard war. They screened the beasts in a magic spell beneath. Underground trapped, the monsters explored the new surroundings and created a civilization there gradually.

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In 201X Chara sank in the underground. A child named Chara. The Dreemurr family, the Monsters’ King, and their son Asriel adopted Chara and spent a certain time happily living with them. Chara designed a strategy to collect human SOULs and eat butter cups purposefully to become poisoned. The humans attacked him supposing that Asriel killed Chara. The SOUL of Chara pushed him to resist, but Asriel resisted. He stumbled and died, deadly wounded, back to the monster castle.

Which Undertale character are you

The King and Queen were saddened and in one night they both lost their kids. Asgore, the King of Monsters, declared that every fallen man will be slaughtered and war against humans. Once seven SOULs have been collected, they will utilize their strength to break down the barrier to free monsters. Then mankind is exterminated and monsters live in peace on the surface. The Queen, Toriel, disgusted at the crimes of her husband, exiled and banished himself. Also, you will find out which Undertale character are you in this quiz.

Chara has fallen into the underground after an unexplained number of years. Asriel saves them, the wounded Chara cries for help. They fell deadly ill when the King and Queen took Chara and died. This is why Asriel wants to satisfy the people who last desire to see their village flowers. By absorbing the soul of Chara and crossing the barrier, Asriel does this. But in a tragic human misunderstanding, this kills Asriel. It appears at first to be a terrible human story but the twist is sinister.

You will meet in the true workshop when you watch the videos that Chara has had a dark plot to kill herself, Asriel, and his great ability to destroy mankind. Asriel tells him that the border is split when Chara’s soul is absorbed and that Chara’s soul wants to kill humans but he resists, after walking to the very first room in the last sequence (causing him to die of wounds). He thinks Chara, too, dislikes humanity for inexplicable reasons.

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Then they most probably made Asriel the last request that they could accomplish only through fusing souls, playing on his pleasant side. Asgore fit for wrath at the loss of his children commands that all people who fall underground must perish and that he will break the barrier with enough souls and establish eternal peace by destroying all human beings simply. Disgusted by his acts, Toriel never leaves Asgore again. What Undertale character are you?

Since the underworld has mainly no vegetation, she soaked the aid of Asgore and took a flower out of his garden, the garden in which the dust of Asriel strewed after he died.

Asriel (as Flowey) carries on leading an ordinary life before Frisk (the Seventh Human Player Character) falls, doing exactly what we, like a player, did during our initial session. He found himself back in times when he woke up like Flowey, loading the last save basically. He knew he had a superpower and tried everything that he could to do well. Also, he made friends, realized his aspirations, and made peace in the whole globe.

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which undertale character are you
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