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Take this Fantasia quiz to find out which character from Fantasia you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Before “Fantasia” was made in 1940, cartoon images had difficult edges, and many moved to ring-tink music. Walt Disney did not develop animation but nurtured it into an artistic style that could take on any realistic film, and he felt a desire to try something new when he assembled his artists to make “Fantasy.”

Just said. Just said. And some of the sections of the picture were in the form that Disney artists knew for a long time.

For instance, Mickey Mouse’s “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” escapades put him inside the visual universe known to everybody who ever saw Mickey in a cartoon.

But Disney wants to attempt fresh techniques to other areas of the picture. The studio painters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston recall in their canonical Book Disney Animation in 1981, the manner in which Walt stressed the new item in a series of forests flowing around the fairy dust. Disney went to a meeting, they remembered and watched a fairy’s pastel drawing. He enjoyed it, in particular its delicate, bright quality. He wanted that in his movie. Also, you must try to play this Fantasia quiz.

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Fantasia quiz

If one thing is evident from the book, it is that the animation has much more to do than simply design small animals and cartoon people and hop about them. For weeks, the artists worked with the fairy sequence. They eventually employed an entire arsenal of approaches to achieve the necessary effects: not only plain sketching with typical animation but also matt paintings of the foreground and background. The seamless brilliance of the sequence hardly implies the hard labor. He wanted that.

The Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony comes after a brief jam session with live-action musicians, with centaurs, unicorns, cupids, and a besotted Bacchus against a Greek-mythological taped on.

The program’s finale comes with a frightful visualization of the Night of Mussorges on Bald Mountain, under the dominion of the black god Tchernobog (called Yensid, which is astonishing, guessing, what has spelled backward).

In the beginning, Debussy’s Clair de Lune was part of the picture but was omitted from the final release; Disney also intended an annual Fantasia update to feature new musical highlights and animated segments because of financial issues. Fantasia eventually regained its costs in its multiple releases, because of its first released box-office disaster (partly because of Disney’s idea of releasing the movie in an early stereophonic-sound method that few theatres could take up).

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” the film’s most renowned portion, scored a play by the French composer Paul Dukas, put Mickey Mouse under its title character.

About the quiz

His well-known focal picture is one of the most unforgettable of animated films, the implacable army of the magical brooms. Which Fantasia character are you?

In an animated picture, even with the appearance of Mickey Mouse, this is a doubtful decision for younger people. Disney wanted to renew the picture with new pieces annually, but his first failure in the box office prevented it. Also, the documentary has a verified history with releases of varying lengths and a contentious edition of animated characters that are racially offensive.

The picture was ironically profitable in the late 1960s when counterculture adopted it by virtue of its three-dimensional imagination.

The introduction by Taylor ends with the figure of the Leopold Stokowski central stage, who mounts the podium and lists orchestras with his hands. Also, the orchestra’s images and players get more abstract and strange after its introduction in Toccata. Furthermore, the extremities of the violin bows turn into gleaming strips through the skies. The screen is covered with clouds and the sky. Music is presented as light strips of yellow.

In vivid fashion, abstract forms and forms (concentration circles, models, waves) move in tune with the sound of music. Discs or wafers that look like objects appear and vanish in space. As the music grows, fireworks dance sparkly and blast in a light-colored metamorphosis.

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