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Take this which True Beauty character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The series’s plot True beauty, a classic romance serial, is quite basic. This drama is about Lim Ju-Kyung (Moon Ga-Young), who has been born and is referred to as unattractive since the start of this series with median looks. She is quite suspicious about her appearance as she took her ordinary mother. I’m Hee-Kyung and I’m Ju-Young have two siblings, both attractive and taken to their father. Her pals and schoolmates at Yongpa High School are bullying Lim Ju-Kyung.

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When she offers a senior man working in the cafeteria, and he rejects her after calling them unattractive, she loses her self-esteem. Her friends are tormented as they shoot a video of the entire event and put it on the wall of the school community. The whole school knew her and she wanted to leave the school and start a new school anew. The desire was given after the artist assaulted her father and the money was seized.

Which True Beauty character are you?

Lim Ju-Kyung discovered how to transform herself fully by using cosmetics before she was transferred to the new school. They learned the makeup and transformation with the help of the video tutorial. In her old town, she moved to a new school. Saebom High School is a new start to Lim Ju-Kyung as she meets a world where people adore her attractiveness and want to get acquainted with what was missing in her prior school. It was a whole new experience for her to have a world of acceptance and happiness that she met friends and hanged out with them. Make-up became a complete priority because only it kept its real identity secret. Also, you will find out which True Beauty character are you in this quiz.

Lim Ju-Kyung ( Actress: Moon Ga-young)

The first lady is your normal high school girl who is hideous and hence constantly intimidated. Her hobbies include reading horror comics, listening to hard metal, as opposed to her typical timid demeanor.

She’s not the loveliest without make-up when talking about her look, but her hideousness is also only a fake perspective. She is bullied most of her life and completely trusts her when she makes friends at last. That places her subsequently in an awful place, of course.

However, it shows that her nature is pure and caring. I have little faith and confidence, yet she gathers the guts to fight for herself with support from Suho, Seojun, and her family.

She no longer relies on others, their perspectives, etc., and is free, comfortable, joyful, and trustworthy. I now have the courage and not look back on her dreams. This astonishing development has been impressive and eventually won over by their peers.

Lee Suho ( Actor:Cha Eun-woo)

Lee Suho, the lovely, anxious, and emotional guide to our journey. Suppose you discuss your physical look. It’s perfect. It’s nothing short. He’s big, fair, and beautiful.

The only problem is that he’s always unexpressed and looks very chilly and unpleasant, often frustrating people who want closer. Instead of a stunning smile on his face.

He seems to have a fair share of problematic matters, whether he is a friend of his ex-friend or an outsider, and so-called buddies. Without clear support behind him, Suho initially feels like a jerk rather than ML.

But his emotional constipation and trauma are unfolded one by one and the majority of his acts are then understood. Like Lim, once more, Suho is starting to open up, due to her and Seojun letting go of all his grief.

He is becoming gregarious, smiling, communicating more openly in his best way. Sadly, his life is filled with other problems, so it is impossible to sit back and relax.

Han Seo-jun (Actor :Hwang In-yeop)

Han Seo-jun is the second man to make every fangirl suffer. Another hot, lovely but cute man. He was also Suho’s first best buddy, and because of the tragedy of his common comrade, bad blood grew between them.

This man seemed like an imposing cum playboy in this outfit at a first impression. However, this perception of him takes a 360-degree turn when his character has become deep! He becomes this lovely and compassionate gentleman and son, who merits all affection.

He didn’t allow his feelings to overcome his health, overprotecting his family and friends. His loveliness is the key to his connection with Suho and Lim as a trustee.

Seeing Lim’s one-sided pinching is painful, but also displays his goodness when he strives his best not to be in a situation of love between Suho and Lim.

His character consists of unending sacrifices and a golden heart. But he doesn’t realize he’s ruining for love and always will be a great buddy for Lim and Suho.

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which true beauty character are you
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