Quiz: Which Euphoria Character Are You? Updated In 2023

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Do you want to find out which Euphoria character are you? Then you should take our Euphoria quiz right now. The quiz is regularly updated.

What Is Euphoria Quiz?

Euphoria Quiz is a 30-question personality test that will match you with the most relatable character from the show Euphoria, based on your personality traits. If you take our Which Euphoria Character Are You quiz, you can be Nate Jacobs, Fezco, Rue Bennett, Jules Vaughn, or others, depending on who your personality is closest to. It is 100% accurate and you will get perfect result.

Euphoria Summary

Euphoria is a borderline HBO series from Sam Levinson, which has been attracting people since its release in 2019. After a rehabilitation stint in the summer, the show follows 16-year-old Rue Bennett, a recuperating addict.

Even if she goes back into her old ways instantly she starts attempting to stay clean after meeting a new face, Jules.

Editor’s Picks

Euphoria received both praise and critique for its realistic portrayal of young people who had been through intense Dark High School experiences. While this show balances the story arcs of the characters, typically adults, it also reveals viewers via the conclusion into the hyperreal world of an adolescent. The show ended as strongly as it started, but purposely Levinson rejected several aspects of the stories of the character, leaving the viewer on an incredible cliffhanger. While the program is green for a second season, and a special Christmas in December 2020, fans are still striving for the finishing line and the destiny of its fascinating and frequently opaque characters. Here’s described the end of Euphoria.

Which Euphoria character are you?

Euphoria Stage 1’s core beat was the relationship of Rue and Jules that tugged each of their emotional ties. Taking a gripping romantic look, the viewers followed both powerful characteristics through their experiences. Intentionally, Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, becomes the center of the sobriety of Rue while at the same time reaching out to his devils after a horrible childhood of being committed to a trans-company with her mother. As Nate Jacobs threatens to contend with Jules, she begins to desire her old life in the city. Also, you will find out which Euphoria character are you in this quiz.

The winter formal brought the characters beneath a roof in Euphoria’s Season 1 finale, where Rue pushed out the idea of rushing to town with Jules. While the couple leaves the dance and heads to the railway station, Rue starts to assume her impulse. In the final analysis, Rue decides to leave Jules behind and leave viewers wondering if it is the end of the duo. Schafer offered her views on the scenario in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying: “It’s the first time Rue has genuinely decided for his sister and mother.” Schafer added, however, that the pair’s future is still undetermined.

About the quiz

When we shoot, I wrote, and I knew where Rue was going and I knew what would happen, but in some ways, it felt as if seeing her retreat felt dark to me, and that did not encapsulate the cycle and the folly of addiction — how you were thrown back and thrown out and it was dizzying and, occasionally, beautiful but also fucking terrifying. It felt like that was the emotional choice for the piece, so I wrote it down and it was planned and coordinated. Much praise for his incredibly outstanding and lovely choreography is owed to Ryan Heffington. I suppose the aim is to shift towards this mountain of bodies and its metaphor in the back and forward of Rue, and what it means to be toxic and to be the individuals we lost in addiction. It was more emotional than I ever expected it to be. It came together.

I had written a musical number in the previous episodes mainly because I truly love musicals and I thought that given the nature of our show we might do an intriguing job. Z is also just so fuckin’ wonderfully gifted that it felt like something we wanted to go into because it’s a character’s expression, and it’s such a show and it becomes another way of getting into her feelings. When we shot the pilot, I recall that I told her I wanted to play music and she was as “You are? You goddamn with me?” “No, no, I’m grave,” I was like.

And, “with dance and singing, she was like?” And “Kind of, I was like. I don’t know whether you’re dancing completely, but you’re singing.” “Let me see it first, she was like. I’m curious how you will bring this out, but I trust that if anybody does, somehow you can do that which is right. Right now, I can’t entirely imagine it.” It felt that this song was right merely in terms of working with Labrinth and ‘All For Us,’ and also in terms of culpability and the disgrace of addictive behavior and the emotional agony in Rue.

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