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Take this which Godfather character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Carlo Rizzi, a Mafia boss, known as the Godfather, runs a business in his office during a wedding reception in the backyard for his daughter Connie and his new son-in-law. His oldest son, Sonny, and Tom Hagen, his adoptive son, and lawyer. Various persons are at the office of Vito for applications such as Bonasera, a criminal to take revenge on his daughter, and Johnny Fontane, a singer, and actor like Frank Sinatra who wants Vito to help him make a film. At the end of the wedding reception, Vito sends Tom to Los Angeles to speak to the studio’s owner, Jack Woltz.

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Despite the urging by Tom, Woltz rejects Fontane, which is why the Corleone “can’t refuse to offer Woltz.” The day following the meeting with Tom, Woltz wakes up in a blood-filled bed and discovers at his foot the ribbed head of his valued horse.

Which Godfather character are you

Returning to New York, a criminal named Sollozzo invites the Corleone family to participate in its narcotics trafficking. There are already two other crime families, the Barzinis and the Tattaglias, but Vito’s protection and finance are desired also by Sollozzo. Vito organizes a Sollozzo meeting. But Vito cannot overcome its original suspicion about this concept and its disgust in drug trafficking. Sonny and Tom accept the concept of growing the family business. Vito rejects an offer to probe Sollozzo and instructs his bodyguard, Luca Brasi. Luca is assassinated and a hitman tries to kill Vito when he purchases on a fruit market shortly thereafter. Also, you will find out which Godfather character are you in this quiz.

Vito survives but is seriously wounded, and Sonny assumes charge of the family business temporarily.

We don’t witness a single real civilian victim of organized crime during the film. Also no victims of robbery, fraud, or racket protection. Corrupt is the only policeman with an important duty.

The story looks from within at the Mafia. It’s his secret, his charm, and his spell. It’s shaped since then the Mafia’s public perception.

The initial shot is significant within a gloomy dark room. It is significant. Furthermore, this is the wedding day of the daughter of Vito Corleone, and a Sicilian must make every fair request on that day. Also, a man came to ask his daughter’s rapist for a penalty. Then, Don Vito questions why he didn’t immediately come to him.

The Don is obliged to sign a truce and accept its pharmaceutical strategy, while Michael is in a position to come back to the USA. Don Corleone knows that another Don, Barzini, was the real master behind the murders. What Godfather character are you?

Nothing like a little plotting Don vs. Don.

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When Don becomes too old to deal with a family company, he takes up a career as a consultant. Michael becomes the new acting-don, marries Kay Adams (his former companion from the start of the film), and begins the tough process of bringing back the destroyed reputation of the Corleone family.

Moe Greene, who risks concluding an agreement with Barzini, strives to uncover the traitor who is trying to help Barzini.

Would you like to guess who it is? Tessio, one of its principal partner, turns out to be.

Speaking of hurt, Michael becomes the literal godfather of the baby in his sister’s child’s christening. And we flash between the baptism (sweet!) and the massacre Michael ordered in one of the most renowned film moments ever (…not aww).

As a traitor, Michael also shows Carlo and kills him.

As the day passes, two more scenes intersect with events from outside the wedding in the Godfather’s dark study. At the end of the marriage sequence, we will introduce most of the principal characters and discover vital elements about their character. This is a virtuoso stretch of moviemaking.

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